Saturday, April 15, 2017

free app of the day week android 15 April 2017

Get paid android apps free each day. Thousands of paid are going free each day. See the best apps picks from them.

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Rest - Icon Pack : Pretty simple, but has its own style icon pack

Notifications in bubble Pro Quickly reply to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Email, SMS, hangouts and all other messaging apps notification messages without opening them.

UX Experience S8 - Icon Pack : UX S8 is an icon pack inspired by official UX icons of Samsung Galaxy S8. The app is still in beta, new icons will be added soon. Follow the project!

Simple for Facebook Pro : Simple for Facebook Pro is a wrapper for Facebook mobile. Simple includes access to Facebook messages without the need to have Facebook Messenger installed. 

Flick Launcher (Unreleased) :  Flick Launcher is a project started by Michele Lacorte 

Flick Launcher PRO (Unreleased)

 :  Flick Launcher is a project started by Michele Lacorte 

Tembus - Icon Pack

3700+ icons (and growing). 80+ cloud-based wallpaper for direct access to newest wallpaper

Mix Reworking - Icon Pack :  2370 Icons , 35 Wallpaper qHD (cloud-based wallpaper)

Wave :  Wave is one of the best live wallpapers for Android. With the latest free update to version 3 the bar has again been raised. 

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