Saturday, February 17, 2018

gupta information system wallpaper

With lots of request from all of the follower, I decided to write this post exclusively about "gupta information system wallpaper". This is among the very popular google search that I discovered today.

My Current Wallpaper Sources

As an habit I do like to see my Pixel 2 XL (as of Writing this post) each day. Finding and changing wallpaper each day is not always convenient, so I prefer to use many apps which do this thing for me. FYI I always prefer natural wallpapers, something which isn't edited. Something I have covered my recent wallpaper video. You can check as below,

Some of the wallpapers I that are most requested I did have shared them publicly via Google Drive. You can check them on below,

Future Wallpapers

The best way to get my future wallpapers is by keeping eye on upcoming YouTube Videos. Be dure to subscribe it by using below link.

Previous Wallpaper Collection

As I do post regular updates on wallpapers that I am using, See the previous uploaded videos of apps that gives me best wallpapers. Check the below playlist,

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Enable "View Image" Button in Google Image Search

As of today starting from 16th Feb 2018, Google has removed the View Image button from Google Image Search. For more details follow this Google post. This post will guide you on how to enable this button again in Google Chrome..

Video Guide

See the complete video on our YouTube channel to get the complete information.

Method to Enable

In summary this method only works on Google Chrome as of writing this post. Just install this chrome extension below and watch the video above how to play with it. Click the chrome icon below.


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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Android One Mi A1 Launcher download apk

If you are still missing the old Google Now launcher then you should try and install the stock Android One launcher that comes on Mi A1 and Moto X4 device. This is a ported apk that gives you Google now feeds also.

Video Demo

Before you try this launcher you can watch the complete demo with all features on our YouTube Channel "Gupta Information Systems"


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Source : Xda Developers


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lean launcher pixel 2 launcher apk download review

Lean launcher is a new android launcher based on AOSP Android 8.1. You can sideload this apk on your android device can get all the best features of Android 8.1 based Pixel 2 Launcher Exclusive features.

Video Demo

Watch the review of this launcher on our YouTube channel for more features.

See Also

Launcher Features

According to the developers,

Everything, that is available in Rootless Pixel Launcher, with some added options, such as:
  1. option to hide "At A Glance"
  2. option to hide bottom search bar on your home screen
  3. option to hide app search bar at the top of your app drawer
  4. option to disable the spring effect when overscrolling your app drawer
  5. option to lock your desktop, to prevent accidental changes (and to be able to use shortcuts better)
  6. option to force dark or light theme, not just based on your wallpaper
  7. hide apps from your drawer (searching apps works for hidden apps as well)

Download Link

Wallpaper Used

 Click to Download

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Source : GitHub

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