Thursday, March 29, 2018

Android P 9 Pixel Launcher setup in Nova

Android P Developer Preview 1 is out with many new features.  Among those the Pixel launcher also got some new improvement.  This post will guide you how to create a similar looking setup using Nova Launcher. Before you begin it is never possible to create 100% similar setup due to application limitations.

Video Demo

Before you start creating the setup check the complete video guide and review, If you like it then feel free to proceed.

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Files Needed

Following files may be needed in this setup. Download them before you start the setup. Just don't open any apps after you download.

Steps to Create the Setup

Based on your needs and preference you can make changes as needed by you. Feel free to play around.
  1. Go to Nova 'Settings>Dock' and make sure its enabled.
    1. Change the Dock background to white with 50% transparency and rectangle shape.
  2.  Go to 'Nova Settings>App & Widget Drawer',
    1. Enable 'Frequently Used  apps',
    2. Select 'Scroll Accent color' to Blue,
    3. 'Background' to 1 transparent,
    4. Disable 'Card Background', 
    5. Disable 'Swipe Indicator',
  3.  Go to 'Nova Settings>Folders'
    1.  Select 'Folder Background' to Pixel Launcher
  4. Go to 'Nova Settings>Notifications Badge',
    1. 'Choose Style' to Dots
These are few basic steps that you need to do. You can do more customization according to your need, For more better looks import the backup file of Nova Launcher as provided below. 

Create Setup using Nova Backup File

Alternatively you can use the Nova Backup file and get the setup most likely that we have used.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Android P 9 Pixel Launcher download apk install

Install the latest Android P based Pixel launcher on your android device This is based on android p developer preview and should work on most of the android device.

New Features

The new Pixel launchers has following new features,
  • Redesigned Dock
  • Google Assistant Button on Google Search
  • App drawer indicator remover
  • Dark theme notification dot

Video Demo

See all the new features in action on our demo video below.

Download Link

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

lean launcher android review download apk

Lean Launcher is the new launcher which is based on the original pixel 2  launcher., Now you can get most of the features of the Google Pixel 2 Launcher bases on android 8.1 on any android device.


Few of the features are not working in this first public release, Check the video below on how to enable it.

Video Demo

Watch more features of this launcher before you try to install it.

Related Video


  • Lean Launcher (Play Store)
  • Companion app for Glance (apk)
  • Lean Launcher Debug with Google Now Feed Enabled (apk)

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You can join us and ask any specific questions if you have,

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