Tuesday, June 15, 2021

iQOO z3 Build Quality & Durability Test

iQOO Z3 is the new budget 5G smartphone launched in India. The base variant of the phone can be purchased under 20,000 Rs. That makes it a very attractive offer. We will talk about the full review some other day, but today we will mainly focus on "Build Quality" of the device.  You can skip reading and watch the dull durability test of iQOO Z3 on our YouTube channel.

Construction & Material Used:- 

Lets start of with the material used. The phone is made using polycarbonate made rear panel and frame. Which isn't quite surprising in 2021, as most of the brands are following similar pattern to provide more specs. Do you remember Redmi K20 ? It was priced effectively under 20,000 and has a solid glass and metal combination. Coming back to iQOO Z3.


The phone has 6.58 inches IPS LCD panel. Speaking about the display protection used company hasn't mentioned during product launch. We looked on Corning database but couldn't find the Z3 mentioned anywhere. Based on the previous history of the brand Vivo, most likely the display has been protected using wither Panda or Schott Xensation Glass. That doesn't matter to us, if the quality is good buyer will be happy with it. 

Scratch Test:-

On performing the scratch test on the display using the MOH's scale of hardness test, we found the glass used is not of very good quality in terms of handling scratches. In general the on this scale glass should not get scratched until level 5. Here we can see scratches on level 5 itself. That means the glass can be scratched easily by any sharp hard metal object like stainless steel. We will recommend not to remove pre applied screen protector. 

Is it Splash Proof ?

Most companies do claim the device is splash proof or IP 53 equivalent. We did a 5 min long accidental dip test on the device by submerging it under water in around 50 liters of water. After the test we didn't see any issues in device functionality. But we did noticed some water is coming out of the device after removing the SIM tray. Hence we won't recommend it to take the device near water.

Don't sit on iQOO Z3 !

So far whatever we have seen can be avoided by using a good case and using the phone safely. But in practical life, unintentionally we do neglect device. One such example is if your phone ever faced any major bend force. ON performing the bend test on iQOO Z3 the results were disastrous. The device couldn't take much of the pressure and the phone chasis including the frame and  display came out. In short the phone failed on the bend test. 

iQOO Z3 Durability Test

Watch the full durability of iQOO Z3 on our YouTube channel to see more details.

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