Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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App Name : Dots Go

App Description : Dots Go is a fresh puzzle that develops attention and strategic thinking while keeping you entertained. The gameplay is simple - tap the outer dots to push them inside. Three nearby dots of the same color will disappear and give you points. Get the highest score until the board is full!

Regular Price : USD 1.99$

Deals Price : Free

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Windows Phone & Windows 10 Mobile

Calculator Power

App Name : Calculator Power

App Description : Do you like accuracy? 

Use the new Calculator for Windows 8.1- and your calculation will always be the most accurate! From simple addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, to getting roots of numbers and counting of percent! Calculator for Windows 8 is ideal for owners of all professions! If you are a cashier - with it you can always give the correct change; if you are a cook - you will never go wrong with a weight of ingredients; if you are a lawyer - you can count your earned money to the last penny!  

There are numbers everywhere!

Regular Price : USD 1.99$

Deals Price : Free

News Source : myAppFree

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

pokemon go android hack no root joystick

Check the latest Pokemon GO 0.57.2 here. Rest you can skip.

This video will guide you how to install and play Pokemon GO on Android Phones with fetures like,

  • Location Spoofing
  • JoyStick Control
  • Tap to Move
Note: Tutorialos shown here is for information purpose only. Its against the policy of the game manufacturer to do this.

Video Demo:

There is a detailed step by step guide on how to play Pokmemon GO on both the Rooted and Non Rooted device on my YouTube Channel. You can watch the video and skip reading all below.

Supported Platform:

This hacked version works fully functional on,
  • Android Marshmallow (6.0+)
  • Android Nougat (7.0+)
Below to this platforms you will not be able to play it very well, as some settings are not available on those platforms.

Files Needed:

The folloiwng files will be needed for this,

  • Pokemon GO (Applicable for Supported Countries)

  • Pokemon GO APK (Applicable for Not Supported Countries)

  • Fly GPS APK


Follow the below steps,

Install both the Pokemon GO and the Fly GPS.

Enable the developer options:

  • Go to the Settings>Anout Phone of your device and click the "Build Number" 7 times.

  • Go back to settings main page and you will see an option "Developer Options", go inside that amd find an option "Select Mock Location App"

  • If you have installed the Fly FPS correctly, then on clicking this menu you will see as below,

  • Select Fly GPS here and exit from settings.

Starting the Game:

Now you need to first launch the fly gps app and select the proper location. E.g. search for 'New York' and makrk your location on that place. Now start the joy stick control for Pokemon GO.

Start the Pokemon GO and use your Google Account to run. I will still recommend to use any fake google account, not your primary account.

Also make sure to watch the video mentioned above for a bertter understanding.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

how to install twrp recovery without root

Whether to root your phone or not that is subject to you need.We will leave that too some other time. If you want to root your android phone then most recommended way is to go with PC method (ADB/Fastboot) and then root your phone. You can then use TWRP to install Super SU here.

ROOT Any Android Phone (PC Method)

Root OnePlus 3T Android Nougat 7.0

Root OnePlus 3T Android Marshmallow 6.0.1

Basic Rooting Guide All Android Device

INSTALL TWRP Recovery Video Guide

You can directly watch the video and can understand the steps,

INSTALL TWRP Recovery Steps

Follow the below steps to see how to install TWRP recovery.

Finding Files

The most important thing is finding the correct TWRP for your device., You can eaither chek the official twrp wbsite or you can check xda forum to get the latest news and updates for your device.

Take Your Time

Even though installing twrp doesn't cause to loose your data. But still take your time, backup everything, and collect the correct file. Once you done

Configure the PC

You need two necessary files, "ADB" and "Fastboot". There are few options you can have depends upon your requirement.

Configure The Phone

Enable Developer Options in your android device by heading into Settings, then scroll all the way down to the bottom and hit About Phone. In here, scroll down to the bottom again and tap Build Number seven times in rapid succession. Next, back out one level and you’ll see a new Settings menu titled Developer Options. Open this menu, then tick the box next to Enable USB Debugging and press OK on the subsequent popup.You can optionally also enable the 'Advance Reboot' too.

image source

Connect Your Phone/Tablet to Your Computer then unlock your device and you should see a dialog box asking you to Allow USB Debugging. Tick the box next to Always Allow From This Computer and tap OK.

image source

Actual Comands

Go to the directory where you have adb and fastboot exe files, do a “Shift + Right-click the mouse” in the blank space and  select “Open Command window here…” from the list that appears. This will open a command prompt here. Now use these step by step commands,

adb devices

This will verify whether your phone is connected to PC properly or not, If you see status like below then you are good to go.

adb reboot bootloader

This will take your phone to bootloader, You can also use some of the device hardware combinations keys to go to the bootloader.

Unplug your cable from the device and then plug again. 

fastboot devices

Now make sure fastboot commands are working properly,

Now the important command to install the twrp. Use the command

fastboot flash recovery twrp_recovery_image_file_name

This will install the TWRP recovery on your device If you see below message then 

Dont just use the command "fastboot reboot" to reboot your device. First check whether TWRP installed or not, from the completely power-off state of your device press and hold the “Volume down + Power Key”  then navigate to recovery mode. This loads TWRP on your device. 

Use the power button to select and reboot to recovery. If the TWRP has installed successfully then you will see as below.

This is it the simple way to install the TWRP.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

How to Create Google Pixel Launcher using Nova Launcher

Google Pixel launcher is Creating a lot of buzz as as we are nearing teh release of Nexus aka Pixel phones if rumors said to be true. 

Video Demo


Previously started with as Nexus 20116 Launcher, niw became Pixel Launcher. There are few ways youc an install it on your Android Phone. In our previous post we have shown you how to install the launcher. There is an unofficial apk you need to install to get the launcher. However still there are few issues are reported by many users,

  • Many features are not workign on non rooted device.
  • Launcher is crashign on lower Android versions like Kitkat and Lollipop.
Well that may happed as the app is still unofficial. Also there is security risk to too when installig apks. How ever with the recnet changes on Beta program of Nova Launcher, you can create the similar looking launcher just be few steos. It wont give all features but in terms of look and feel the launcher will be similar to what it is ooking whern installing using apk files. 

Files Needed

All you need is a Nova Launcher Installed. A prime version will be added advantage althougth not madatory.

Nova Launcher (Beta)

Pixel Launcher Setup

After enrolling for Beta program by using the below link,

Enroll in Beta Nova Launcher Program

You will get another update of the app, get it installed and go to the Nova Launcher setting, by pressing a long press on desktop.

Follow the steps as mentioned the video above
  • Drawer > Swipe to open
  • Drawer > Card Background > Off
  • Drawer > Background Color > White
  • Desktop > Indicators > Page Indicator > Line
  • Desktop > Indicators > Swipe to drawer indicator
  • Dock > Background > Rectangle, White, Transparent, behind navbar
  • Folder > Folder Background > N Preview

Related Videos

  • Google Pixel (Nexus 2016) Launcher Overview and Review (apk download)

  • New Google Nexus 2016 Launcher (Android Nougat Release Date, Nexus 2016 Release Date)

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Via : Droid Life

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Windows 10 Build 14926 Update Problem Fix

If you are trying to update to Windows 10 Mobile latest Insider Fast ring build then you may get many problems. 

There are mamy reports like,

  • Unable to perform store updates
  • Start screen disapper
  • Restarting wont solve the problem.

Try to install the build after removing the SD Card. Check the twitter status of "Jason"

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Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14926.1000 released

Microsoft has rolled out a new insider build 14926 for both the PC and the Mobile. 

According to the Official Windows Blog,

New Features

Here are the summary of the new features added to the new windows build,

  • Snooze in Microsoft Edge
  • Updated Wi-Fi settings page (Mobile)
  • Improving your PC upgrade experience
  • Making pin login easier
  • New Extensions in Microsoft Edge
  • Export favorites from Microsoft Edge

improvements and fixes for Mobile

  • We fixed a scaling issue on devices such as the Lumia 635, 636, or 638 where the bottom of certain apps, like Messaging and Maps, would get cut off and rendered off screen.
  • We heard you and we have addressed the largest cause of reliability issues in Microsoft Edge running on Insider Preview builds. This should improve reliability on major websites such as Facebook and
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the sound of key presses and lock/unlock being barely audible when the phone was using a moderate volume.
  • We fixed an issue where, if Quiet Hours had been turned on, banner notifications might not start appearing again until Action Center was opened or an interactive notification popped up and was dismissed.
  • We fixed an issue where Cortana would crash when trying to open Reminders page.
  • We have improved the reliability of VPN Settings page via Settings > Network & wireless > VPN.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the thumbnail for portrait videos displaying with an incorrect aspect ratio in the Photos app when panning through the Camera Roll.

Known issues for Mobile (UPDATED)

  • Some devices such as the Lumia 650 will fail to install this build with Error 0x80188308. We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Action Center no longer closes if you swipe up on the empty space (area of Action Center that doesn’t show any notifications).
  • Using your phone as a mobile hotspot will work the first time but subsequent attempts to use the feature will result in the inability to enable the hotspot until the phone is rebooted.
  • ADDED: We are investigating small set of isolated reports that after upgrading to Build 14926, the pin pad is no longer visible to unlock the phone even after rebooting the phone. If you have hit this issue, you can follow the steps here for resetting an unresponsive phone (hard reset) which gets your phone back into a working state on Build 14926.
  • ADDED: We are also investigating reports that after upgrading to Build 14926, some phones lose the ability to use their SIM card. A hard reset also fixes this issue as well.

New/Source Via : Windows Blog

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

oxygen os community build 3.5.2 changes and review

Here are the list of the new features and changes in Oxygen OS community build 3.5.2.

Official Changes

  1. Added “kill all background processes” button in recents menu
  2. Added long press options in messages application.
  3. Enhanced incoming call notification UI
  4. Added manual “check for update” button
  5. Added additional directions for first fingerprint configuration
  6. Battery Saver mode optimizations and enhancements
  7. Added back contacts widget in launcher
  8. Improved dialer speed
  9. New modes added in control panel (night mode and battery saver)
  10. Added support for PIN codes up to 6 digits

Other Changes

1. Home Button has been removed on 3.5.0 it was back on 3.5.1 and again removed
2. Switching Data Card shortcuts has been added to quick settings
3. Battery Saver Shortcut has been added to quick settings
4. Settings > Advanced > The Way clear recent apps
5. New designed default application settings
6. New Time Lapse Option in Camera (confirm mn in this)
7. New charging animation when u plug in the charger.
8. charging color indicator on battery bar has been removed
9. By default reboot option has been removed
10. New boot screen lock wallpaper 

Video Demo

Watch the complete video to see all changes.

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