Saturday, April 1, 2017

free app of the week android icon packs

In Todays best free app deals we will see some of paid icon packs that you can get for free of cost.

Video Demo

Watch the video demo for more details before you download it.

Demo in English

Demo in Hindi

Previous App Deals of the Week

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Flazing - Icon Pack
*Flazing is an icon pack featuring bright color icon set with a unique paper look which makes your screen look sharp and bright.

Noizy Icons
Noizy features rich effects, subtle but yet beautiful gradients, noisy shadow filter and square based icons.

MIUI 8 - Icon Pack (beta)
250+ icons inspired by official MIUI 8 from Xiaomi (a lot of new icons are coming soon, stay tuned!)

Memies - Icon Pack
400+ icons inspired by Material Design (a lot of new icons are coming soon, stay tuned!)

FlatDroid - Icon Pack
With over 4700+ icons, the new FlatDroid refresh the look of your home with simple and clean design!

Shapes & Shades icons&walls
Icons based on JFK project, with more shapes and more shades

Shapes&Shades VE
It comes with 1250 icons, without request option (sorry), but it'll be eventually updated with activities fixes.

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