Wednesday, November 21, 2018

OnePlus 6T Waterproof Drop Durability

OnePlus has launched the upgrade to their current yearly flagship OnePlus 6, the "6T". Being a T variant you wont much expect much of the hardware upgrade compared to current 6. But there are some good changes in design side.

Whats new in OnePlus 6T

Following are the changes that are made over OnePlus 6,
  • Taller 6.41 inches display with a Tear Drop Notch design over the regular block Notch.
  • In display fingerprint sensor
  • No Headphone jack this time
  • Gorilla Glass 6 coating on display.
Above are major highlights of the changes.

[Video] OnePlus 6T Durability Test

You can directly watch the Durability Test video and skip the complete reading. 



Whats new in OnePlus 6T

As always we are looking to see how durable the OnePlus 6T which now has the upgraded Gorilla Glass 6 on it. We will be doing Scratch Test, Splash Test, Bend test and at the last the Drop Test. See the respective results below.

Scratch Test :-

The Gorilla glass 5 on the back and 6 on the front are seems to be very tough when it comes to take the scratch. After trying the glass box test, we are not able to see any scratch on the screen.

Water/Splash Test :-

The phone doesn't have any official IP rating. According to company its a rain proof. We tried the 2 min under water test and the device works fine. 

Bend Test :-

On the bend test, the OnePlus 6T proves to be very durable. We tried hard to bend it but its very rigid phone. No bend effect at all.

Drop Test :-

As always we perform the casual drop test to extreme for all the basic day to day life scenarios. We will suggest you to follow the video demo above to know the exact height which cases the glass to broke.

Final Verdict

Over all the phone is very durable. On the drop test, the display and the back may have shattered but that's the nature of glass.  The best recommendation is to use some of the good back case and cover. Check the below links to see a few good cases.

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