Thursday, October 3, 2019

oneplus 7t waterproof water Durability Test

OnePlus has launched its latest OnePlus 7T smartphone. The phone packs all the latest specs as available. But there is no official IP water protection rating on the smartphone yet. According to the OnePlus the phone is designed to take resistance against the rain and basic water spills. This means there is no warranty claim against the water damage on your OnePlus 7T.


- There is no official IP rating provided on OnePlus 7T . Perform this test (water proof) at your own risk. We do not own any responsibility for any damage that can happen with that.

OnePlus 7T Durability Test:

We performed at 5 min under test of OnePlus 7T to see if it can take accidental water drops or not. You can checkout the full durability of OnePlus 7T that also show various other test like Scratch, Bend, Drop & water test also.

OnePlus 7T Durability Test [English]

OnePlus 7T Durability Test [Hindi]

After performing the water test of 5 minutes here is the results that we performed later on,
  • All Buttons are working
  • Touch is working fine
  • Speakers are working
  • Audio Output is working from both the speakers and USB Type C port
  • Rear and front camera working fine
Its been 48 writing since performing the water test on our OnePlus 7T at the time of writing this post the device under test is perfectly working fine.

Is OnePlus 7T Waterproof ?:

 Based on the test we performed there is water damaged occurred on the device. We can say that oneplus 7T can take accidental water impacts but that too can depends upon various factors like water depth, duration submerged. For basic day to day life water spills and contact the OnePlus 7T should work fine.



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