Saturday, May 25, 2019

oneplus 7 pro waterproof or not

If you have purchased the latest OnePlus 7 Pro and wondering whether you device will work or not after taking a dip in water.  Since there is no official IP rating on the device, how long will it work on water its no where mentioned. The only way to find out is leave it under water till it dies it self.

Is OnePlus 7 Pro Water Resistant ?

We have performed a causal splash test (accidental) to check for water damage. Since we have already performed the full Durability Test of OnePlus 7 Pro, which you can watch either in English or Hindi.
To find see whether OnePlus 7 Pro will work after splash test, checkout below video,

You can watch the same video in Hindi by clicking here.

Summary : 

Its true there is splash resistant protection added to OnePlus 7 Pro, but since there is no official IP rating like IP68, its strongly advised to keep you device away from water, as water damaged will not be covered under warranty.

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