Friday, April 7, 2017

free app of the day week android 7 April 2017

In Today's best free app deals we will see icons pack and games. They are limited period app deals. so grab them fast.

Video Demo

Watch the video demo for more details before you download it.

English Demo

Hindi Demo

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Rewun - Icon Pack : Materialized and creative, very distinctive and unique. Pure shapeless designed icons. Breathtaking details on each and every icon will take your device to another level. Carefully chosen colors, with randomly added shadows, will have unforgettable influence on your new homescreen!

Evolve Wallpapers : Walls are designed for phones!

oO : "oO" is a hardcore, minimal "dodge-em-up / runner" arcade game that I made with Wojciech Wasiak.

Equalizer FX. Pro : The Equalizer FX allow you to improve sound quality for your android device to get more enjoy of listening music.

My Town : Preschool : Welcome to My Town : Preschool. Build, Imagine and play around in your very own preschool. Have hours of pure imagination gameplay fun playing around in the playground, visiting the school nurse, learning, making super tasty lunch time breaks and lots more!

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