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This is a step bu step guide on how to get dark mode on YouTube android app. By using dark mode you can save more battery if you smartphone display is Amoled, along with that you can also get some features like Picture in Picture, and built in Ad Blocking too.


  • You need to install and apk get this feature work. Install at your own risk.
  • Some feature may need specific android version to work.
  • It wont replace the stock YouTube android app.

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Video Demo:-

Check out the video description before and see all the features on this, before you try and install it.

Files Needed:-

You may need to install following set of files. Also keep an eye on this link to get the updated file.

Steps to Follow:-

You need to install the YouTube vanced apk from the link above and optionally you can install the MicroG if you want all of you youtube history too.

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Source : XDA Developers


  1. I use the SnapTube pro application on my Android phone, where I can easily enable the dark mode...


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