Wednesday, August 1, 2018

enable dark mode youtube android

Smartphones screen size are getting better each year. In some reason it is good as you can use this screen for better media consumption. 

As with size the resolution, sharpness and brightness of the screen is also increasing proportionally. Its always better to switch to dark/black mode if your phone and app has support.

We will take the example of YouTube app. Its among the most popular and download android and ios app. If you have seen the YouTube app on android then you can immediately see above it has a dark mode, Which is more eye pleasing..

Now coming back to smartphone, the native android/ios youtube app doesn't have dark mode available. But with a simple trick you can enable this on your device.

About the Method

This method is a non root and PC method. You don't need to install any app, all you need just a computer and adb/fastboot setup installed.

Dark Mode Demo

Watch the video below to see how is the dark mode looks like on native YouTube app.

Files Needed

If you are following the above guideline then here are the files you may need to download,
  • Minimal ADB Fastboot. Follow the XDA Developers guideline here.
  • Dark Theme Enabler (Link)
Follow the instruction share don the video above to enable the dark mode on your android youtube app.

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Source : XDA Forum

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