Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Android O Pixel Launcher using Nova Launcher

This is a guide post that will let you know how to create Android O Pixel Launcher using Noa Launcher. This post is an update guide to "How to create Pixel Launcher using Nova Launcher". It will be more helpful if you go with that too.

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Video Demo :

Most of the detailed points I will share on the video tutorial, so it will be better for the users to watch the video and understand how to create it.

Files Needed :

These are the files that you may need to create the Pixel Launcher setup.

Tips & Guide :

There are few unique features of Google Pixel Launcher, that you may need to replicate also.

  • Google Weather Widget
  • Swipe up to open the app drawer
  • Google wallpaper app
  • 5 * 5 app drawer grid
  • Frequent apps and search apps
  • Unique navigation bar
  • Google Now Swipe (Need Root, Mod to install)
  • Rounded Icon packs

We need to try to replicate all of these features using Nova Launcher. Watch the video for more detailed way how to change and create Pixel Launcher.  Indirectly if you have Nova Launcher Prime Installed and purchased you can download the backup use the Backup from the url below and import on your browser, Watch the video to see the demo on how to do this. Before that create a backup of the current nova launcher.
 Click to Download

Wallpaper Used in Video :

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