Friday, September 16, 2016

How to Create Google Pixel Launcher using Nova Launcher

Google Pixel launcher is Creating a lot of buzz as as we are nearing teh release of Nexus aka Pixel phones if rumors said to be true. 

Video Demo


Previously started with as Nexus 20116 Launcher, niw became Pixel Launcher. There are few ways youc an install it on your Android Phone. In our previous post we have shown you how to install the launcher. There is an unofficial apk you need to install to get the launcher. However still there are few issues are reported by many users,

  • Many features are not workign on non rooted device.
  • Launcher is crashign on lower Android versions like Kitkat and Lollipop.
Well that may happed as the app is still unofficial. Also there is security risk to too when installig apks. How ever with the recnet changes on Beta program of Nova Launcher, you can create the similar looking launcher just be few steos. It wont give all features but in terms of look and feel the launcher will be similar to what it is ooking whern installing using apk files. 

Files Needed

All you need is a Nova Launcher Installed. A prime version will be added advantage althougth not madatory.

Nova Launcher (Beta)

Pixel Launcher Setup

After enrolling for Beta program by using the below link,

Enroll in Beta Nova Launcher Program

You will get another update of the app, get it installed and go to the Nova Launcher setting, by pressing a long press on desktop.

Follow the steps as mentioned the video above
  • Drawer > Swipe to open
  • Drawer > Card Background > Off
  • Drawer > Background Color > White
  • Desktop > Indicators > Page Indicator > Line
  • Desktop > Indicators > Swipe to drawer indicator
  • Dock > Background > Rectangle, White, Transparent, behind navbar
  • Folder > Folder Background > N Preview

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