Sunday, March 26, 2017

android o pixel launcher download

Android O also comes with the Google Pixel/XL Pixel launcher. This was introduced with Android Nougat. Now you can get almost all the features of the Pixel Launcher on any android device. This is an update for my previous post when the Pixel launcher first time came. So follow this post to read before you go ahead.

Video Demo

Install Pixel Launcher

Rooting Guide

See this playlist for many videos for rooting your android device.

See Also

Install Android O Developer Preview

Android O Developer Preview First Look & New Features

Files Needed 

All you need is an apk files from the latest Google Pixel phone dump. Download that from below.

Minimum Requirement

So far it should work on almost all android device. But I am confident on devices running Android Nougat. For android marshmallow and nougat I have heard of few issues, Give a try if it works fine then let us know below.

If you want the Google Now swipe feature which is there is Pixel Launcher and Google Now Launcher then you have root your device. To see the rooting guide follow these,
For rooting your deice important step is to install TWRP recovery and unlock your bootloader. This post will help you in this.

Installation Steps

Follow the video guideline to see in details how to install the pixel launcher and make this launcher as a system app.

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You can join us and ask any specific questions if you have,

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