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google pixel features on any android phone

Google Pixel phones have some unique features that are not available in other android phones, not even to Google Nexus phones.

These unique features are,
  • Pixel Launcher
  • New Boot animation logo and sound
  • New Navigation Bar
  • Wallpapers app
  • Default apps like, Dialer etc.


  • Try these steps at yor own risk. We don't own any responsibility for any data loss and damage.
  • If dont have much ideas of Android Roting and flashing files the you should not try this.
  • Always take backup of your deta (Photos etc) on physicial disks and drive.
  • Take TWRP/nandroid backup if you have custom recovery installed.
  • Do a proper web search before you start.

Minimum Requirement

Still if you dont' have Pixel phones then no need to disappoint. You can now get almost all of them on your Android device with certain minimum condtions. Here they are,
  • Rooted Android Device
  • Android Marshmallow and above (To Get all features)
  • Android Kitkat and above (to get few features)
Now to get all these features complely it is necessary to install these files as a system app, so ROOT permission in necessry. If you don't want to get all fetures (non ROOT device) you can get features like Google Now Swip, Boot Animtion logo and sound. 

Now I will be dividing the review in two categories with ROOT access and without ROOT access.

Files Needed

These are the files that you may need in this demo process,
  • Nova Launcher (Prime would be much better)
  • "Get Assistant - Root" app from Play Store
  • "Google Wallpapers" app from Play Store
  • "Pixel IP" Icon pack app from Play Store to get near same icons as Pixel Launcher has
  • "Google Pixel Experience" Flashable Zip - ROOT
  • "Google Assistant" enabler Flashable Zip Files - ROOT
  • Pixel Navigation Bar for Nexus 6P - ROOT
  • Pixel Navigation Bar for Nexus 5X - ROOT

Pixel Features with Root Access

If you have rooted your phone then with this you can get almost all the features. Download the files as mentioned above and labelled as "- ROOT" and follow the video instructions as below,

Video Demo

If you have followed steps shown on the video you will be able to see all the features working properly.

Pixel Features with No Root Access

As said earlier too if you don't have root access then you will get few set of features.

Pixel Launcher

Install Via apk

Pixel Launcher can be installed via apk if you have Nexus devives which are running latest Android Nugat 7.1.1. You can download from apkmirror.

Install via Nova Launcher

The best way to create Pixel Launcher is by using a launcher that has flexibility to get modified. Follow this tutorial to create the Pixel Launcher using Nova Launcher.

Watch the video demo here for quick understanding

Pixel Icon Packs

There is a new features in the Pixel launcher, it is new rounded icons. There are many icon packs available in play store. The one I tried is Pixel IP, as mentioned above. Watch the video below to see how does it looks like.

Google Wallpapers

Pixel Launcher now comes with many new wallpapers built it, There is daily, static and live wallpapers too. You can install the same application on your device as a seperate wallpaper app from the play store too. Wacth a quick demo how the wallpaper app looks like.

With Non ROOT access you can only get these many features. Let us know in comment or connect to ask your further queries.

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