Tuesday, September 13, 2016

google pixel launcher overview and review

In Center Nexus 6P with rumored Pixel Launcher

Googles new Nexus (Pixel if rumors are true) phones are about to come in very next month. Each year Google does add new features in terms if  hardware and software both. Android Nougat is already released for the Nexus Phones. It is also rumored that the new Google phones will be shipping with new se of launcher. As of now Google Now Launcher is the default laucnher that comes with phone.

Pixel Launcher Review Video:

You can watch the complete video demo for more information and details.

At the first when the lancher was leaked it comes as a flash zip files and apk too. Along with that you cna also create the similar look and feel using Zopper Widget, You can watch the below video for more details.

Installating the Pixel Launcher

As of now the launcher is not officially launched so you can download the apk and install it, You need to first enable the option to allow installaiton from unknown sources under security setting. The apk download link is below. It will take you to  a new web page . From where you can download the apk.

Review and Impressions

We tried to use the launcher on many phones, also to take a step further trying on both the ROOTED and NON ROOTED phones gives us different results. Here are our observations,

  • Google now swipe feature works in Rooted Android phones. Under non toorted phones as of now this feature is nto working, As we tried on Nexus 6 which is not rooted.
  • Changing the wallpaper too from launcher settings crashes the launcher in Non Rooted phones.
  • App drawer is simple and looks good and same on all devices.
  • Icons and layout are also similar.

Final Verdict

Still there is no words from the Google about the launcher, But its is good to try a new launcher, It may give you some idea about how the new Pixel phone will look like (If rumors come true).

How to Create Pixel Launcher using Nova Launcher

If you don't want to install apk files, there is way using Nova Launcher to create the similar looking launher, Watch the below video to

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