Sunday, June 26, 2022

video editor job opening

If you are a video editor and wanted to edit the most unique videos for social media platform like YouTube, Facebook & Instagram ? Then you are at right place. Checkout the full job description below and if it suits you.

Job Details

Title               :    Video Editor
Type              :     Full Time
Location            Lucknow 
Skills             :     Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop
Experience    :     2+ Years
Description   :    As a video editor your responsibility will be to handle all the videos we publish on our social media platform like YouTube & Facebook. You must have good editing skills using Premiere Pro. You primary objective will be to make video simpler, short & attractive using various effects on "Premiere Pro" and "After Affect". More details will be shared later.
Salary            :     Based on your current Salary and experience.

Interested candidate can email their resume on "".



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