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galaxy on6 j6 waterproof scratch bend drop test

The #Samsung Galaxy J6 (On6) is the budget android smartphone under 15000 Rs. While the J6 is made for Offline sale and On6 for the Online Sale. We will be checking the durability of this smartphone.

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[Hindi]Galaxy On/J6 Durability Check

[English]Galaxy On/J6 Durability Check

Durability Check:

We will be performing some usual and mandatory test to check the durability. Here they are,

  • Scratch Test
  • Bend Test
  • Drop Test
  • Water Proof Test
As with the names, here are the results of individual test performed.

Scratch Test :

The phone is made of plastic body completely. The back panels, phone frame, buttons too. While the plastic seems to be low class, the this isn't thing. Just hang on till end of post. Checking the fingerprint scanner after scratching, it still works perfectly. Camera lens is protected with protected glass. It doesn't get scratches easily. Its not mentioned what kind of glass it is using. 

On performing the extreme bend test on Galaxy J6 the results were great. The just flexes a bit and regains mostly back to normal shape. The reason could be the plastic frame used. Which do flex and comes to normal shape when compared to metal frames phone. In someway I will prefer the plastic over metals as phones are less heavier compared to metal phones and they feel very light in hand.

This we consider as the most important test. Most of the smartphones just live there end of life after failing the drop test. The repair cost with genuine parts is now very high, many users just think to upgrade to new smartphone instead of getting them repair. Coming back to this phone, we did drop test from most possibles angles and from best possible height from 2 - 6 feets. Even dropping the phone from straight facing the screen many times it just survives. Now what could be the reason for this ? Remember I mentioned above regarding the plastic material used ! This could be also the reason. Gorilla glass 3 is more drop proof compared to latest Gorilla glass 5. The screen is completely safe with no damage, Due to plastic the phone is not heavy and it easily handles all the drops.

Water Test :

The phone doesn't have any official IP rating on it, so technically the phone should not survive the this test and yes it is. The phone stooped malfunctioning in few seconds after getting inside the water. After many days of this test most the buttons are working fine except the display issues. The touch of the phone is not working even though the phone display looks proper and fine.

Final Verdict :

Overall we say this phone is very durable. Except the water test. While we can expect any major official IP rating like IP67/IP68 on budget phones, but there many phones in this price segment which are official splash proof like Moto G6, G6 Play. Even a very budget phone like Nokia 1 is also IP52. Every company should have to make there smartphone splash proof.

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