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moto e5 plus waterproof drop bend scratch test

The #Motorola E5 Plus is the budget android smartphone under 13000 Rs. We will be checking the durability of this smartphone. This test is most likely to applicable to other range like Moto G6, Moto G6 Play, Moto E5 as they are more or less having same design.

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Video Review:

For the live demo of the durability it is best to watch the video review on our YouTube channels. Based on your language preference you can watch either in English or Hindi.

[English] Motorola Moto E5 Plus Durability Check

[Hindi] Motorola Moto E5 Plus Durability Check

Durability Check:

We will be performing some usual and mandatory test to check the durability. Here they are,
  • Scratch Test
  • Bend Test
  • Drop Test
  • Water Proof Test
As with the names, here are the results of individual test performed.

Scratch Test :

The phone is made of plastic body completely. The back panels, phone frame, buttons too. The back panel is very shine Checking the fingerprint scanner after scratching, it still works perfectly. Camera lens is protected with protected glass (3). 

Performing the extreme bend test on Moto E5 Plus the results were great. The phone just flex a bit and regains to normal position properly. This is very solid phone so don't worry about the bendgate.

Water Test :

Moto E5 Plus is officialy splash proof so, technically spills of water or rains drop should not be enough to harm it. We tried to keep the phone under water for 20 seconds and it is still working. You should not be doing this, but accidental drops should make your phone safe.

This we consider as the most important test. Most of the smartphones just live there end of life after failing the drop test. The repair cost with genuine parts is now very high, many users just think to upgrade to new smartphone instead of getting them repair. Coming back to this phone, we did drop test from most possibles angles and from best possible height from 2 - 6 feets. Coming to Moto E5 Plus, the screen got cracked after dropping from height of 1 meter or just 2 feet. Even though this phone has gorilla glass 3 coating but the phone just failed to survive it. Rest of the story we know, phone eventually dead with complete shattered screen.

Why this test failed ? The possible reason could be too much weight of the phone, Having 5000mAH battery on phone certainly have made the phone heavy. When dropping this would have helped in adding more velocity, eventually adding more impact energy.

Final Verdict :

Overall we say this phone is very solid but since it has failed the drop test, we won't call it a survivor. Drops are more casual things that are happening now a days over bend and water damage. Better use a case and make your phone safe.

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