Thursday, August 3, 2017

oneplus launcher 2.1.5

The OnePlus launcher 2.1.0 is soon going to get a new update very soon. The new version will be 2.1.5. It will bring some new features and tweaks. You can install the apk and get the new features.


This launcher is exclusive to OnePlus 3/3T/5. It is not tested on other phones and it may not work as well.

Change Log

According to Hydrogen OS description here are,
  • Modify the folder icon style
  • OnePlus Launcher update to V2.1.5
  • Supports the first four icons in the preview folder
  • Folders can be switched between left and right by sliding
  • Support for two-finger operation when moving icons

Files Needed

Here are the files that you need,

Video Demo

See a quick comparison with old launcher and also the new features in the video demo on our YouTube channel,

Wallpaper Used in Demo

Connect with Us

You can join us and ask any specific questions if you have,
Via : Android Sage, APK Mirror

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