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nokia 8 vs oneplus 5 Features Specs Comparison

Comparing the Nokia 8 with the OnePlus 5. On the specifications, features and other areas. See which device is worthy to buy, Which device is true android flagship.


Skip the reading and see what the experts are saying for these devices.

Detailed Comparison

We just wade a quick summary of comparison. It will be more helpful to just see the important points.

Design & Looks

  • Unibody aluminium 6000 series
  • Both are very slim. OnePlus 5 weighs 153g with 7.25 mm thickness while Nokia 8 on 160g with 7.45 thichness.
  • Camera is very less protruding in Nokia 8 compared to OnePlus 5.
  • Color options are more good in Nokia 8 and feels refreshing from others.
  • Both phones have capacitive keys with big chin on top and bottom.


  • Both phones are carrying the same 2015 design standard , 2016 starts the bezel less display with Mi Mix.
  • Nokia 8 still carries the 5.3 inches qHD Display with 554 ppi but the sad point is it is still  IPS LCD Panel. While the OnePlus 5 on the other hand is having 5.5 inches 1080p with Optic Amoled Display with 401 ppi.


  • Both the OnePlus 5 and the Nokia 8 runs the same snapdragon 835 with Adreno 540
  • While OnePlus 5 offers base 64 GB with 6 GB and higher 128 with 8 GB, Nokia 8 offers base storage 64 GB with 4 GB with expandable storage. The polished blue comes with 128 GB and 6 GB option.
  • OnePlus makes the device more future proof by giving more option on the RAM, but the Nokia 8 gives flexibility of expandable storage which is again a great advantage.
  • For power users more ram is better choice and future proof too for others more storage and flexibiliy is a best choice. so its a users decision to pick one.


  • Both phones are running the same android version 7.1.1
  • Nokia 8 is complete stock android with no customization at all and complete pixel experience.
  • OnePlus 5 is near close to stock android with much needed tweaks that are very useful.
  • While using Google Pixel and OnePlus 5 together I prefer to go with some customization. 


  • Nokia 8 comes with 3 set mic which OnePlus 5 with 2.
  • OnePlus 5 offer Dirac HD sound which is common to many manufacturers.
  • Nokia 8 comes with OZO Audio with 360 surround sound recording.


  • Both phones offers dual camera setup.
  • The OnePlus 16+20 mp camera combination for rear while Nokia 8 offers dual 13 MP on rear.
  • On the front side OnePlus 5 has 16 mp and Nokia has 13 mp. While the OnePlus 5 only offers 1080p on the front while the Nokia 8 offer 4k recording from the front camera also.
  • OnePlus 5 has telepoto and 1.6x optical zoom, on the other hand Nokia comes with RGB and monochrome sensor and uses image fusion feature to take best shot. 
  • Nokia 8 comes with unique and very new Dual Sight camera feature which combines both the front and the read camera to gather.
  • Nokia 8 also offers direct live streaming on Facebook and YouTube.


  • Both phones are using USB typc C.
  • Nokia 8 offer USB 3.1 and fast charging, while OnePlus 5 offers Dash charging which is worlds fastest.
  • On the capacity OnePlus 5 has 3090, and the OnePlus 5 has 3300 mAH.

Other Features

  • Nokia 8 is IP 54 certifies i.e. splash proof. OnePlus 5 doesn't offer such.
  • Both phones offer dual SIM feature.

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