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Android O 8.0 Oreo Features review hindi

Android O is the latest and current version of the android. The current version is 8.0 and it brings so many new features. This post will share all the new features in the Android O.

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Android O Features

These are top 19 features of Android O.

Fast Booting Time  

The google pixel xl (my device) with android nougat 7.1.2 on an average takes more than 1 minute of booting time. The same device with android o now boots near to 4 times faster. On the result with the Android O now the same device is taking 18 sec in booting.

Redesigned Notifications on Lock Screen

The lockscreen now looks much cleaner and simple. The best feature added is the colored app notification, It will show the original app icon color and look. Along with that you will see new color on the details of the app notification. Remember the based on your content notification setting, if you have hidden or not hidden it will change.

Redesigned & Improved Setting

Android O brings the complete new and redesign settings menu. Compared to previous which has the various categories, now all the related setting has been moved to new individual settings. The hamburger menu has been removed from the settings also. The background color has been changed and it same as the quick settings also.

New Quick Settings look

The quick now has new background color similar to main settings. The settings gear icon now on the bottom for easy access. It will also display upcoming alarm clock detail. you will also see a down arrow which means this option can be further expanded. pressing it back will minimize it.

Notifications Dots

The pixel launcher launched with android nougat now adds many new features. one of them is the notification dot. Which adds a small dot over the app that has the new notification on it. Which you can take as a reminder to check it later.

App shortcuts and widgets

Starting with Android Nougat, users could long-press on an app icon to use app shortcuts for common tasks.  With Android O, the look of shortcuts has been refined, and you can now access an app's widgets from the shortcut menu as well as its info screen. 

Adaptive Icons

Android O introduces adaptive launcher icons, which can display a variety of shapes across different device models. For example, a launcher icon can display a circular shape on one OEM device, and display a squircle on another device. Each device OEM provides a mask, which the system then uses to render all icons with the same shape. The new launcher icons are also used in shortcuts, the Settings app, sharing dialogs, and the overview screen. Square, Rounded square, Squircle, Teardrop.

New Emoji's

Google redesigned Android's emojis, now they look more cartoonish, and it's easier to figure out exactly what each face is intended to show. These new emojis have a much more 3D aspect to them than the previous iteration, and look much more similar to something from iOS or Facebook.

Smart text select

Instead of fiddling with text selection tools, Google is adding smart text select to Android O. For an example, if you are texting with your friend, and you have shared any location address on text. Double tap to select the text, google will pop you the maps option. Since it is aware of the current text that is being selected The same can be seen if you have  shared any phone number after selecting the text it will give you an option of phone as you will eventually copy it and pasting in phone or contacts app.

Google Play Protect - Scanning apps for safety

Google is making Andrid Secure with the Android O. The Google Play Protect found in the Settings app under Security, where you can view how often and when the apps are scanned. Presumably, this section will also help you deal with an app Android O deems unsafe. 

Auto-enable Wi-Fi

If you disable Wi-Fi when you're away from home, you'll never have to remember to turn it back on again. If you have turned on the wifi scanning, then wifi will turn back on by itself after a defined time.

Improved Battery Saving and battery management

Android O battery usage stats are getting little more easier to understand with more details on it.
When you view an app's usage stats, it now includes how much battery was due to active use or in the background.

Compacted  Persistent Notification

Persistent notifications are annoying, but its a part of Android. With Android O, those notifications will be less prominent. You can still view the entire notification with a tap, but by default the notification will be minimized. You can easily just swipe it down and see the complete notification.

Android System Notification

I am sure you are familiar with the Android Marshmallow screen overlay problem ? On earlier version of the android in you need to manually go inside the setting to see which app has the permission to draw over other app or which can modify system settings etc. Android O will show  a system notification regarding the same. you can directly control the each app setting.

Background App Notification

If any of your apps is running in background and consuming lots of battery, Android O will show a system notification for that. You can straight away control the background activity or by force stopping the app.

Autofill passwords

Earlier this feature is limited to google chrome and google based apps. Now with Android O you can use it with other apps also. Once you have enabled it under google setting, you can use the google account to get the password that you have used earlier with same google account on other devices.

Notification Snooze

Now you can snooze any app notification based on your personal schedules. Once you swipe right the app notification you will see a new option on left end adjacent to gear icon. upto 2 hours you can snooze any notification.

Notification Badge

Android O offers categorizing the apps based on notification priority. Not even going inside a specific app you can control and limit the app in the way it should behave on your device.

Picture in Picture

On the developer preview 2 there is new feature introduced called as a picture in picture. With this picture in picture you will be able to run a application on the top of other app. Example is you can continue working on Google Keep and cam watch the video over the top of it. This feature earlier came as a System UI Tuner feature, but it has been removed. That doesn't mean its not there. it is still there in the android O itself and should come with future android 8.1 may be. Again you can use some 3rd party apps to enable this feature. I have made couple of videos for that, check the description for more details

Redesigned Navigation Bar

Dev Preview 2 also brings the new redesigned navigation bar. Using that you can customize and add many useful shortcuts to it. Check my earlier videos for more details. Using 3 rd party applications you can still use this feature on android O. check the video description for more details.

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