Saturday, July 8, 2017

Whats on my android phone oneplus 5 2017

Here is what I am carrying on OnePlus 5 Android in July 2017. See the best accessories that you can use, best apps and collection that I have.

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Video Demo

Its is best to watch the video first to see all the details in close.

My Early OnePlus 5 Setup (What's on my Android July 2017)

What's on my OnePlus 5

Tempered Glasses

I always recommend to apply some sort of protection on the screen. Safety first. Since the OnePlus 5 caries the same front design (2.5D Curved Screen) it will be very helpful ot use prior experinec with OnePlus 3/3T. Due to curved nature of the screen you may get following problems,
  • No perfect fitting glass.
  • Moisture on the edges
Problems with full screen glasses
  • Rainbow effect
  • Touch sensitivity problem
  • Due to air gap beween glass and screen, glass can break also.
As of now OnePlus official full screen tempered glass is the best choice for you. I am still looking for some good alernative as this is a slightly costly. By the meantime you can check he video review below.

Cases and Back Cover

Like tempered glass there are very few brands cases and back cover is available. I just have tried 2 of them, but stay tuned so many cases are coming as soon as they are avaiable. A few of them that I have tried are,
My favorite is FOSO case till now.

Apps and Games

Time to see the Galaxy S8 from inside. See what are the apps I am using. 


My all time favorite launcher is Nova Launcher Prime.


I do try and change wallpapers each month. Check the recent wallpapers video for more details,
Check the playlist below for each month best wallpaper collection.


For complete list of collection watch the current month episode of to see the apps that I use personally. 

Here are some of my regular apps,

I will update the list soon with more apps also.

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You can join us and ask any specific questions if you have,

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