Friday, July 7, 2017

what's on my android phone galaxy s8 plus 2017

Here is what I am carrying on Samsung Galaxy S8 Android in July 2017. See the best accessories that you can use, best apps and collection that I have.

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Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips, Apps, Accessories, Tools and More 

What's on my Galaxy S8


Galaxy S8, S8 Plus is a beautiful device with both front and back glass panel made of Gorilla Glass 5. You should not take this a proof of durability, Glass is a glass and it will be always fragile compared to phones with metal back. The easiest way to give a sort of protection is by applying some sort of skins. I have tried two skin makers here, "DBrand" & "Skinnova". Take a look on the same skins that I have used,

Tempered Glasses

I always recommend to apply some sort of protection on the screen. Safety first. Galaxy S8,S8 Plus has a curved screen so it will be very difficult to get a perfect tempered like you used to apply on flat screen phones. I have tried two categories,first is a low cost and second is good branded glass from Nillkin. The result is not impressive as I expected. For more details watch the below video reviews. Below is the Nillkin tempered glass which cracked by itself when in the pocket.

The solution is use some scratch or screen protector. Now I won't recommend a plastic screen protector, atleast use some scratch protector like GadgetShieldtz. See the below review and know more in details.

The best feature about this scratch protector is its complete;y reusable and water proof.

Cases and Back Cover

I will also recommend to use any sort of case on your phone. Even if you don't want to apply one carry atleast with you. Following are the cases that I have used on my Galaxy S8, S8 Plus.

Apps and Games

Time to see the Galaxy S8 from inside. See what are the apps I am using. 


My all time favorite launcher is Nova Launcher Prime.


I do try and change wallpapers each month. Check the recent wallpapers video for more details,
Check the playlist below for each month best wallpaper collection.


For complete list of collection watch the current month episode of to see the apps that I use personally.  I will just list a few of them here.

I will update the list soon with more apps also.

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