Wednesday, July 19, 2017

how to install root using magisk manager

This post will guide you on How install Latest Magisk manager on your Android device. There is prequisite to this, you device must have twrp/cwm installed or your device should be rooted. For a detailed guide to root your device follow this latest tutorial on "How to Root OnePlus 5". You need to just take the files corresponding to your device. For further help see the XDA Forum guidelines.

Video Demo

It is always recommended to watch the video demo before you try any further step, as many information are shared on video that are not covered here.

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Files Needed

You may need following files to install magisk manager.

Installation Steps

For a detailed step by step installation follow the steps shown in the video. Here are basic steps,
  1. Make sure your device has twrp installed. Follow this instruction.
  2. Download the above files and copy inside the phone inernal memory.
  3. Install the Latest Magisk manager apk. Do not open it yet.
  4. Go to recovery (TWRP)
  5. Install the latest Magisk from above.
  6. Once installed reboot the device and you should be able to see your device is rooted again and with saftey net passed.

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