Tuesday, June 13, 2017

google pixel launcher on any android

After the Google Pixel Phone, the Pixel exclusive feature "Pixel Launcher" is the next big thing that everyone wants to have on your android device. I did have show you many tutorial to get the same. Check this playlist on my channel to see them all.

Now there is a Reddit post "Rootless Pixel Launcher Port". A Software Developer Amir Zaidi has successfully created a Pixel Launcher with most of the features working (with certain platform need). According to him the features that are successfully ported and its working are,
  • Google Now page
  • G Pill animation
  • Swipe up everywhere to open the app drawer
  • Weather widget
  • Date widget with correct format for all Launcher3-supported languages
Since this is the first version so don't expect 100% working features. Still seeing the developer's active presence, you should get much features very soon. Follow the original reddit post to see all the details.

Video Demo & Tips

Watch the video demo for the detailed finding and other tips. Its better to watch before you try.


  • Installing apk may not be safe, install at your own risk.
  • There are chances of crashes and freezes, try at your own risk.

Minimum Support

According to developers it will work from Android Lollipop and till Android O (Developer Preview 3). Some Samsung device may have some crash issues due to Samsung Knox or secure folder. See the reddit post for solutions

Files Needed

Here are the direct apk files that you may need.

Important Point

Before you install this launcher, uninstall any existing version of Pixel Launcher and reboot the device.


Since this is apk you may need to enable "Allow Unknow Sources" under settings or watch the video for detailed guide. After that Click on the apk and follow the simple steps.

Wallpaper Used in Demo

 Click to Download

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Source : Reddit

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