Monday, April 17, 2017

pokemon go 0.61.0 hack rooted android

Pokemon GO Hack for Rooted Android, HIDE Root, SafetyNet ByPass for Snapchat, Android Pay etc and much more. You can now get the most from your rooted android phones which needed to by pass safteynet check for the apps like Snapchat, Pokemon GO, Android Pay feature.


None of the below mentioned method are legal. This post is for informational purpose only. Try any of these with your own risk. You may also face data loss so take proper backup. Nether us nor any company will take reposnsibilty of thos or will neither advise to do so.

Video Demo

There are some important facts that you need to understand that I have covered in Video demo. Watch the demo and see most of the common facts that you should know. The video will also guide you on how you can install and configure the Magisk Manager.

Files Needed

Some set of files may be needed to perform this hack working. Download them from below,

Minimum Requirement

Since we are talking about hacks related to Rooted Android Phones, you need to have following minimum requirement.
  • You device should have bootloader unlocked.
  • You also need custom recovery like TWRP. I will be taking TWRP.
  • Recommended is to use stock ROM.
  • Uninstall any existing Super SU to make this hack working 100%.

Installation Steps

I will always suggest for live demo, as this gives some idea of possible chances of error also. Watch the video demo mentioned above. A detailed post will be made soon covering all the facts again. Here is the simple guide,
  • Make sure you have done the OEM unloking.
  • Install the TWRO recovery using adb/fastboot commands.
  • from the play store install the "Magisk Manager" link above. 
  • Then reboot to TWRP and install magisk v 12.
  • Reboor the phone back and open the magisk manager.
  • check the settings and enjoy the hacking.

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