Friday, March 24, 2017

Root Android O Developer Preview

Android 8.0 developer preview is already out and it is called as a Android "O". We don't know yet what will be the name as of now. Now lets get started and try to see whether can we root android nougat or not.

Note : Since this tutorial is for rooting the Android O "Develoeper Preview" which can only be installed after doing OEM unlocking and flashig the image. So I won't be talking about basic steps.

As of today during writing this post only Nexus 6P and 5X are able to root so you need to download the exact twrp file. Check the sections below for exact files.

Video Demo of Tutorial

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Files Needed

Steps to Root Android O

Since this is a developer preview it is not guaranteed the rooting will be 100% success. ON my first time after installing the super su, my Nexus 6P was in boot loop. It is not able to boot. so I had to do a factory reset. So make sure to take all the backup of your device. Take TWRP backup before you root or do a physical backup.

TWRP Installation

TWRP installation is the important step and it can be installed via the help of PC only. You need to install and configure the adb/fastboot or android sdk. Also download the proper twrp as mentioned above. Follow this post for a detailed step to see how to install the

Installing Super SU

After TWRP has been installed successfully, the next step is to install the Super SU to root your device. Now as mentioned above my device got stuck in boot loop after installing super su, so take the backup. Watch the video and see how to install the TWRP.

Final result

Yes we are able to root or Android O develope  Preview.

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