Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fix usb not recognized windows 10 8 7

I won't be going in too much details here. Instead I will suggest to watch the video demo mentioned below. Windows Operating has a weired issue in it, which disables the USB for all type of media/portable devices like smartphones (android, windows etc), tablet etc.

Video Demo

Watch this video demo and fix the problem in short,

Being frustated with this, I found a quick way to fix this work around. In short this problem happens whrn there is any windows update or a new driver installation. Which reoves the old one. To fix this you need to follow below steps.

  • Connect your smartphone with supported cable to computer USB port.
  • Go to "Control Panel\Hardware and Sound"
  • Click on device manager. 

Now here you need to check and find the device is showing as unrecognized. The next step us to fix it, so watch the video and see the solutiuon, as this is bit tricky prodedure.

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