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what's on my android phone 2017 OnePlus 3T & OnePlus 3

This month in February we will see a closer look on the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 "What's on my Android". Checkout all the details below to see what kind of apps, skins cases, covers, apps etc I am carrying on OnePlus Devices.

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What's on my Android OnePlus 3T & OnePlus 3 January 2017


Now lets talk about the accessories that I have already used or that I am already using right now.


I am not a case guy ususally and I only use cases when I have nothing to keep my phone protected from accidental drops and scratches. To make the phone profile in the same as you get it and keeping it protected from scratches too I prefer to use skins on my phone. It an give you a way to put a new color if your phone manufacturer is not offering that color too.

Gadgetshieldz Full Body & Screen Protector (Installation)

Gadgetshieldz Full Body & Screen Protector (Review after 3 Days)

Dbrand Red carbon fiber OnePlus 3T &3 (Installation)

GadgetShieldz skinnova skin (Installation)

Tempered Glasses and Screen Protectors

I always recommed to to use tempered glass and a good quality screen protector which does have impact resisance feature. I have tried many of them on various phones. Currently the one I am using on my Pixel is,

OnePlus 3,OnePlus 3t full screen curved tempered glass

Nillkin amazing h tempered glass review oneplus 3, oneplus 3t

GadgetShieldz Full Body screen protector review (Installation)

GadgetShieldz Full Body screen protector review (After 3 Days)

Trink impossible tempered glass test

Rhino Shield high impact-resistant screen protector

OnePlus Official Full Screen Curved Tempered Glass (Installation)

OnePlus Official Full Screen Curved Tempered Glass Review (After 3 Days)

Cases and Covers

Its to good to have cases when you don't have any mentioned skins on it. If you do drop your phone a lot then put on some cases. Here are the fews that I have tried already,

OnePlus Translucent Gray Case Review & comparison with Nillkin Frosted Shield

Nillkin super frosted shield back cover for OnePlus 3T and Oneplus 3

RhinoShield Buper Cases

These are my favourite cases. They are the real cases that can protect from drops even from 6 feets ad more (I tested till 6). The cimpany claims to be 11 feets and more.

Nillkin Nature Soft TPU Back Cover Case Review 

Nillkin Nature Soft TPU Back Cover Case Review (After 3 Days)

Inside The Phone

So here are the apps that I used most frequently from day to day. I have categorized for a simpler understanding.


My favourite launcher of all time is Nova Launcher Prime. I carry my Google Pixel along with OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 too. So I like my other phones layout to be same as for Pixel launcher, Before even the pixel phone was launched I haved alraedy created that using various ways, Since pixel launcher us exclusive to Pixel phones only there are no way to get it 100% same on other devices and platform, But upto some a very close look you can get. If you don't have pixel phones then watch the belwo demos to create the launchers.

Install Google Pixel Launcher & Pixel Icon Pack Overview

If your android phone us rooted then you can install the third party zip files and can use pixel launcher as a default launcher.

Create Pixel Launcher using Nova Launcher Prime

If your device is not rooted then still you can create Pixel launcher setup using my favourite Nova Launcher. 


I use GBoard (Google Keyboard).

5+ New Features of Google GBoard Keyboard for android

Wallpaper apps

I tend to change my phone wallpaper each day. That makes the phone look new everyday. Take a look on the some of the wallapers apps that I use frequently.

Static Wallpapers app

These are my frequent apps

Best Live Wallpaper apps January 2017

Chameleon Live wallpaper app

Productivity Apps

Editing apps

My all time Regular apps


  • Asphalt Xtreme
  • Asphalt 8
  • GTA
  • Dead Trigger 2
  • The ROOM
  • Modern Combat 5
Root based apps

  • Official TWRP app
  • TWRP Manager
  • Flashify
  • Flashfire

In may have missed many of them. Feel free to watch the video and comment or tweet to me to ask.

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