Tuesday, February 28, 2017

skinnova skins review india oneplus3 nexus 6p

Smartphones are getting costly each day and they are moving towards premium looks that includes glass and shiny aluminium in it. sure it looks great in hand when the device is new. As you all know you can't keep it shiny always (if you won't use it then ofcourse).

Putting a case makes the device more safer but you will loss the slim profile of the phone which most people don't like. The solution is to apply some sort of skin protection on your device. I have already tried many of the skins like DBrand,. SlikWraps and also Skinnova. Today I will just share my experience from Skinnova after using for almost an year.

Now there are many video demos I have prepared that shows the installation demo. To actually feel how the device looks. So before you buy it I will suggest to watch those video for deciding which one looks better. Here are few of them,

Skinnova Skins Demo

Wood Skin

White Marble Skin

Black Marble Skin

Black Leather Skin

Carbon Fiber (White)

Black Carbon Fibre

GadgetShieldz Scratch Protector

These are few skins from Skinnova that you can watch and feel.

Advantage of Skinnova

This is what I have found after using them from long time,
  • Easy to apply as they make separate cutouts for all the sides.
  • wide variety of color and design options.
  • They also have front and back side protection.
  • You will also have option for camera and other parts protection too.
  • Shipping is very fast and easy. 
  • Skin quality is good as they use 3M material.

Known issues of Skinnova

Like said there is no perfect product made, They too have some limitation, Besides the quality of the skin which is good. Since they have separate cuts for each side the portion and part of skin that covers the SIM tray, Volume buttons, and power buttons are very thin. So they wont stick properly in not applied correctly. Also after regular usage they tend to come out very soon or gets damage. Also if you are a person who puts your phone on the mobile holders they tend to come out by slipping to the edges.

Rest everything is good.

Purchase Link

Head to this link and select your device model no to buy the skin.

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