Tuesday, February 28, 2017

play youtube in background android no root

The native YouTube app has a limitation of unable to play videos in background. Either you minimize it or lock the screen off. This post will guide you on how to play youtube in background on Android. I will be covering two kinds of trick here.

Play YouTube in Background

Watch the demo

You can watch the demo and see a quick tutorial on how to do that.

Using the Browser

There is one browser - Mozilla Firefox which supports playing the youtube in background and even with screen lock. Just download it and open youtube.com on it. You can easily minimize and play it as usual with some limitations.

Using an app (with limitation)

Using 'Fingerprint Scanner Tools' android app you can easily lock your device with youtube to work. But if you minimize it it wont work. This will just work if you lock you screen with it. Watch the below video for more detailed usage of the app.

Files Needed

These are the files/app that you may need.

Fingerprint Scanner Tools

Firefox. Browse Freely

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