Tuesday, February 21, 2017

oneplus 3 oneplus3t battery drain fix

If your facing battery drain and heating issues on oneplus 3 & oneplus3t running with oxygen os (any build) then try to use the quick fix mentioned below. This will work on all oxygen os version. I have verified that on 4.0.3 build on both the oneplus 3 and oneplus 3t.

Video Demo 

If you want to skip the rest of the reading, then follow the instruction guideline mentioned on my YouTube channel video below. Its a simple and easy to understand.

English Demo

Hindi Demo

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Steps to Follow

Follow these steps and mentioned,

Developer Option Chnages

After you get to the settings go to the “About device” and select on the “build number.”After a few taps you'll see the prompt and then tap four more times and you're done. Then select on the back button and head back into the original base settings menu on the OnePlus 3 & OnePlus 3T. You will see a new entry called "developer options".

Once you have enabled the developer option, go inside this and look for two entries
  • Advance Reboot
  • Doze Mode
You have to turn on both the settings as below,

Battery Settings

Now go back to main settings and then go to battery section. Here you will see three dots on the top right corner below the date and time. Click it andyou will see few options. Select the "Aggressive doze & app hibernation"

You need to turn this feature off for now.

App Settings

Under the main settings, go to the apps setting and look for following apps,
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Play Store

First go inside the 'Google Play Services', then select 'storage' and here select 'Manage Space'

Here you need to select the option 'CLEAR ALL DATA'. Do the same for Google Play Store and go inside the storage section. Select the CLEAR CACHE. Once you do that, press the power button and click on reboot option, you will see recovery option. select it.

I have two both the options here if you have installed the Custom Recovery like TWRP or the default Stock Recovery. First lets see for the defult Stock Recovery,

Using Stock Recovery

Once you see the recovery language menu option, select 'English and you will see 5 more options after that. Here you have to select the 'Wipe Data and Cache' and you will again see 3 more options. You need to select 'Wipe Cache' here.

Do not select any other option except the 'Wipe Case'. Once the cache is cleared you can reboot your device.

Using Custom Recovery

After you are inside the TWRP recovery page, 

go inside the wipe and select 'Dalvik' & 'Cache' option as shown below.

Once the cache is cleared successfully, you can reboot your device back normally.

After following all these steps your device should not be having any battery drain issues.

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At April 5, 2017 at 12:58 AM , Blogger Arman said...

Do one need to turn on "Aggressive doze & app hibernation" after following all these steps? Coz you mentioned just turn it off for now and didn't mention to turn it on again.

At April 11, 2017 at 5:14 AM , Blogger Gupta Information Systems said...

First let it enable and check results. otherwise try to disable it and see the results. There are mixed results in each


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