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Get Old WhatsApp Status feature Android

WhatsApp recent update have brought “Status” feature, which is same as Instagram Stories (or a Snapchat Stories). The new Status feature in WhatsApp requires you to post photos, videos & GIFs, which only be valid for 24 hours. If you don't like this new feature at all, this post will guide you how you can use the old text based status feature back on your android device.

Video Demo

The simplest and easy way it to watch the small video demo below and understand all the points and other details.

Files Needed

You may need few files. Based on your need download as required.
You are free to use any File manager. It should have feature to briwser root directory. I have used above.

Steps to Get Old Whats Feature

There are two tips that are going to work on both the rooted and non rooted device.

For the Rooted Device

In case you device is rooted follow these steps.

  • Go to Apps section from the android setting menu and search for 'Whatsapp'. Open it and click on "Force Stop". Close any running instance from app switcher too.
  • Open your manager and go inside the root directory "data->data->com.whatsapp->shared_prefs folder". Now if you are using Solid Explorer then from setting enable Root Browsing Feature first. See the video for more detailed steps and instructions.
  • Inside the shared_prefs folder open the file “com.whatsapp_preferences.xml”. 
  • Use the search/find feature and find the entry “status mode” value=”1″. Now you need to change the value field from 1 to 0. The new entry should look like “status mode” value=”0″.  Watch the video mentioned for more detailed steps.
  • Save the file and exit. 
  • Open the whatsapp and you will get your old whats app features back on new whatsapp.

Important Point

  • If you ever updated your whats app you may need to repeat the same step again.

For the Rooted/Non Rooted Device

This method will work on both the rooted and non rooted device. There are few drawbacks too. You will not be able to get the latest improvements updates from whats app. 
  • Enable the allow installation from unkown sources under settings>security.
  • Uninstall the current version of the whats app installed.
  • Download the old 2.17.60 version apk from the link mentioned above.
  • Install the downloaded apk and use the old feature.

Important Point

  • If you updated your whatsapp from play store then you will loose all of these feature. So make sure not to update the whats app.

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