Sunday, February 12, 2017

ap15 launcher review 2017

Today I am taking a closer look on the AP15 Android Launcher. This is not my first android launcher that I have have tried. I always love to see how software engineers puts there creativity in launchers. That being said, there are many review videos available on my YouTube channel. 

Video Demo

You can check this "Android Launchers" playlist for many launchers review. Lets talk about ap15 launchers. 

Unique Features

These are few unique features of the launchers,

  • No concept of Usual Android Launchers like
    • Desktop/Home Screen
    • App Drawer
    • Dock
    • Folders
    • Icons Packs
    • Widgets
  • Very least memory consumption.
  • You can set wallpapers image also.
  • Its completely Text based launcher.
This are not just the few features, Watch the video to completely see all the features,


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