Friday, January 27, 2017

nokia 6 india launch buy online india

Nokia 6 has officially launched in China on 19th january with a huge demand that HMD is not able to meet the requirement of this. After being away for more than 3 years in smartphones the Google Android powered Nokia 6 is a huge hit. 
Since the phone is china exclusive, rest of the world is still waiting to get there hands on, Which as a personal Nokia fan boy, I am trying to get to it any how lke other fans too. 

Priced at CNY 1,699 (approximately Rs. 17,000), the Nokia 6 will be going on sale in just Black colour.  An ebay Seller in India is taking a preorder of the phone near to double the price of the phone.

As you can see above with the xpected price INR 17,000 Rs the seller us selling the Nokia 6 is INR 31,999 Rs. How ever the handset is still not available. 

If you are interested I will suggest users to be alert and risk your money properly, as this can be faked too.

You can take a quick look on phone specs and other information on below video,

According to HMD Global the Nokia is exclusivce to China,but based on leaks it is assmed that it will global soon.

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