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install ota updates manually on rooted android

In this post we will see how you can install the OTA updates on you Android device, OTA are small incremental update to current versions. They brings security updates, patches, small features etc.

Limitations of Official OTA Update

  • Longer waitting time.
  • Doesn't work with custom recovery like TWRP.

Notes, before you go further

  • Use this method to install OTA updates, not for major Android updates. E.g don't install from Android 6.0 to Android 7 Change.
  • Always take backup of your android device using TWRP/Nandroid/Physical Drive etc.
  • "Gupta Information Systems" doesn't own any responsibility for any loss.
  • Proceede with your best confidence.
  • Its not always 100% guaranteed thet mentioned method will work on your device.

Other Ways to Install OTA Updates

Get back to Stock Recovery and wait for Official OTA

Most easiest way is to install stock recovery on your rooted device and wait for update, Its safest and simple. As we are discussing here for Rooted device and I am assuming your have eaither TWRP/CWM installed. If you are able to get the stock recovery for your device then watch the below video to remove the custom recovery.

Install using ADB Sideload Method

If you have access to PC/Laptop and you wanted to install OTA updates manually using adb sideload method then see a detailed way how you can do that,

Install manually using ADB and Fastboot

There is another way to install update using adb and fastboot. Watch the below video tutorials to see how you can do this,

Install OTA Using an app

This is the method that we are going to discuss here.


  • Rooted Android Device
  • Full Factory Image from supported device manufacturer

Files Needed

You need to install "[root] FlashFire" android application from Google Play Store.

Get the link below,

For this demo I am using Google Nexus 6P which is running Android Nougat 7.1.1. We will be seeing how to update and install latest security patch level.In case you are installing on Nexus device download the latest factory images from below.

Once you have the Flashfire installed, copy the factory image on your android device. and open the app and select the Plus icon. You will get oiptions as shown below,

Now click on the "Flash Firmware Package" and browse the factory image. Once you open the file it will take few time to read the complete package.

The important point is if you are just installing the OTA and wanted to leave all your data as it is uncheck the "Data". If you also wanted to just leave the current recovery which is installed then uncheck the "Recovery" also,

On the top right end there is a tick button. CLick it and see the review windows as below,

Now click the "Flash" button. It will optionbally give you a final warning message.

Press on OK and leave you phone until it finishes the installation and update. It may take a few minutes.

During installation you may see something similar,

Once you got the device back up, verify the build no that is installed. Youshould get the latest OTA updates installed.

Watch the Complete Video Demo

You can watch the all the said steps above in a summary video for proper understanding.

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