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android nougat new features

Android Nougat is latest Operating System from Google. The current version of the Android is 7.1.1.

Android Nougat many new features over the previous Android Marshmallow. The current Google Pixel XL phones are running the latest Android Nougat 7.1.1. The Nexus devices are also uodated to latest Android Nougat Versions. We will try to summarize the new features here. For more details we will request to watch the video specific demo to see them in action.

Android Nougat New Features

Android Nougat brings many new features like improved Gaming, Performance Improvement, Multi Windows built in to the Stock android OS. Below are the features that are new in Android Nougat.

New Improved UI & Notifications

Android N has now quick tiles integartion and improved notifications, You can see the new notifications just by swiping down the notifications panel. You can change the order of the notifications and and control how the notifications will be displayed.

Jump to recent apps

With Android N you can quickly jump to previously opened app. You just have to press the app switch twice.

Multi Window Support

With Android Nougat you can now run two apps in two separate windows. Please note that the app should have this feature enabled, Open any app the long press on qpp switcher button. If the apps is supported then it will automatically get moved to first windows. Second window will list you other opened apps that you can select to run. To close the multi windows long press again on the app switch button.

Haburger Layout for Settings

Android Nougat settings has been improved a lot compared to default android settings found in previous versions. Google has added hamburger layout functionality to settings menu. With this now you can easily swipe from left of the screen and open the settings at any point.

Settings Preview

Nougat setting lets you preview many triggered setting like Bluetooth is turned on or not. Setting will let you peek in to this by showing the current status or summary of the setting. Take a look on the above picture and see the WiFi preview on the setting.

Power Control Notifications

This is advance option that can be found in System UI Tuner. Turning that on you can control for all the apps that you have installed how they will show the notification.e.g. you can control how what notification will be displayed, in status bar, on notification panel, on lock screen etc. Watch the below video to quickly understand that.

Doze on the Go

On Android 6.0 Marshmallow Doze, brought neat battery optimizations to keep devices running for longer on a single charge. In Android 7.0 Nougat, Google has introduced "Doze on the Go."

While the Doze devices go in a dormant state when not in use, Doze on the Go offers power-saving features even when the device is in active state, say in your pocket, whenever the display is off. 

Seamless Updates

Android 7.0 introduced seamless updates, which is already in the Chrome OS playbook. Now the OS will download the OTA update in the background when connected to the Wi-Fi network, and install them as separate system images on the device storage. That means you'll be able to use your device or use an app even while it's updating in the background. Next time when you will restart the device it will install the image update very quickly.

Lower System Requirements

The newer Android Nougat needs less system requirement say, the android device with 1 GB of RAM can work smoothly if used for day to day task.

Vulkan API Support

Vulkan API support with Android Nougat will improve the quality of gaming, virtual reality and other graphics-intensive applications experience. This api will replace OpenGL. As a result, games should be more power efficient.

Android Nougat Video Demos

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