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transfer android game data to new phone without root

how to transfer game data from one android to another without rooting ?? This is very important question for the users who carry lot of android devices with them, or if want to transfer your old device game date to new android phone. In short if you don't want to re-download the same game to another device (android.)

Video Demo:

If you want to skip the text procedure and want to see demo instead watch the video on our YouTube channel below,

Files Needed:


This method will only work if you have a working game on one Android device. Assuming that is working.

  • Use the apk extractor app  and create the apk of the game you want to transfer. You can optionally install the same game on the other android device if it is not asking to download the game data file. Example, Dead Trigger 
  • Some Games like Asphalt 8, lets you install base game from the play store, but later needs setup file to be download once you launch the game.
  • Which ever condition is suited from the above two, make sure you have downloaded and installed the game.
  • Now go to the directory "Internal Storage > Android > obb" using the file manager of your choice as shown below,

  • I am taking example of asphalt xtreme Game, so go inside the folder that represents the same. You can find by seeing the app icon on the folder or by seeing the game names in the directory.

  • Transfer the ".obb" file using the file transfer app  of your choice to another Android device.
  • Once You have the files on the another device, install the apk of the game first, or install the game from the play store, but don't open the game  yet.
  • Use the same file manager used earlier and navigate to same location "nternal Storage > Android > obb".
  • An important is that, you might not see the folder name like "com.gameloft...." on the device you want to install the game. Its not any issue. Just create the same folder name as on the first device where you have coped the '.obb' file.
  • Once you have the folder created move the received '.obb' file inside that folder.

That;s it. Not you are all set. Go and launch your game. Follow the configuration and play the old game on new device.

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