Friday, December 2, 2016

How to root oneplus 3 Android N Nougat 7.0 (PC, TWRP, Super SU)

OnePlus 3 running Android Nougat can be easily rooted now. This post will guide you how you can root OnePlus 3 running any version of android nougat.

Video Demo

Watch the below video for a quick summary and important instructions.

If you are running Android Marshmallow then follow this post and watch the video below for more details.

If you are running Android Nougat on any other devices like Nexus 6P then watch the below video to see a detailed video and guide.


  • Rooting may cause damage to your device. Take steps at your own risk.
  • Rooting can also cause data loss, make sure to take proper backup before going ahead.
  • Rooting may remove the device warranty.

Files Needed

We need few set of updated files to root the oneplus 3 running Android Nougat.

Initial Requirement

If you are first time rooting your device, so it is needed to perform some basic steps. Follow this post and see how to configure your setup. Once have configured the Computer and installed the TWRP successfully. we can start to root our device. Make sure to use the latest files above to successfully root your android device.


If you have followed above steps and video guides below are the steps summary,
  • Configuring the PC
  • ENabling developer option in phone and configure device
  • OEM Unlock
  • Reset device
  • Installing TWRP
  • Installing Super SU
If you have installed TWRP successfully used the correct version of the Super SU mentioned then your device should be rooted.

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