Friday, November 25, 2016

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App Name : It's A Wonderful App

App Description : Eliminate the time, stress and hassle that goes into Christmas gift coordinating. Invite your loved ones to share their Christmas wish lists with you and enjoy the Gift Of Giving. Also, you can create Christmas wish lists for family and oneself, manage, update and share those lists with others. After sharing, you can easily manage wish lists and view your loved ones’ wish lists in one place. When items are purchased by someone, the item is checked off allowing everyone to see the updated list and stay up-to-date. Experience the Giving and Receiving relationship of Christmas through this amazingly simple and user friendly app.

Regular Price : USD 1.99$

Deals Price : Free

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Windows Phone & Windows 10 Mobile


App Name : Audioplayer

App Description : Audioplayer Monochrome is an amazing app to listen music on your phone! Access to your favourite tracks is easier than ever. Nothing more, just your favourite music!


• Search all your tunes. Search a track by its full or partial name or by artist.

• Automated playlists. Three types of automated playlists: most frequently played tracks, recent tracks, and search history.

• Fully saved user preferences. No need to re-adjust your settings or select playlists every time you launch the app. Program will do it all for you!

• Selection of music (by albums, genres, artists, and playlists).

• Shuffle and repeat functions.

• Quick navigating for playlist.

• Tap and hold a track for full details. 

• Play one track only (if you wish).

Note: Use the volume buttons to access the rewind menu. The app is designed for playing music from your local media library.

Regular Price : USD 1.99$

Deals Price : Free

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