Sunday, November 20, 2016

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App Name : Drilla

App Description : This time everything happens underground. What is there? Explore minerals, craft replacement parts, assemble your Drilla, boost it and do the upgrades. Be a geologist, a chemist, an engineer, a constructor and a simple handy miner in at a single time. You’ll see that is easy. Gnomes! Gnomes will help you everywhere. Sometimes evil Egor will come to your mine. This guy is bad. You better kick him off.

Regular Price : USD 0.99$

Deals Price : Free

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Windows Phone & Windows 10 Mobile

App Name : DesignMe

App Description : DesignMe helps you to design your life easily and simply.

Set your goals

Do you have a dream to do something big? Or do you just imagine happiness from small, pretty things? Create a piece of your goal on DesignMe. Whatever your goals are, you can set and check them easily.

Is the life complicated?

Life is complicated. You should work with your passion everyday, study to build extensive knowledge, love with passion, and enjoy life. This piece is an essential unit of your life. It helps you to create simplicity from the complications of every day life. Create a piece like "Work," "Study," "Love," "Travel" or  "Hobby".

Regular Price : USD 0.99$

Deals Price : Free

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