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Mann Ki Baat Episode #26, 27th November 2016

My fellow citizens, Hello | Last month we were all enjoying Diwali | Like every year, this time for Diwali, I once again to celebrate Diwali with seals, on the border of China, was on the outskirts | ITBP personnel, military personnel - Diwali celebrated with them in the heights of the Himalayas | 

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I am all the time, but the experience was something Diwali | Fourteen-hundred million citizens of the country, by the unique style, the festival dedicated to the army, security forces dedicated to, the impact was summed up in the face of every young | He looked ripe with emotions and not only that, the people-who wishes to send messages, the happiness of the security forces involved in the country, had an amazing response | And people only send messages, it's not, mind joined; Someone wrote poetry, painted by someone, someone created the cartoon, created a video, ie, not every home had become the outpost of fighters | And whenever I would see these letters, so I was also wondering how Kalpakta, how emotions are full and the idea that came out of him MyGov removing the few things that made her a Coffee Table Book | Is going to work, contributions from all of you, all of you Kalpakta feelings of the army, the security forces of the country to which your emotional world, he will be compiled in the book |

An army soldier wrote to me - the Prime Minister, we the soldiers Holi, Diwali is just on the outskirts of every festival, all the time in defense of the country are submerged | Yes, it is the festival season, missing home | But frankly, it did not happen this time | A. It did not feel that the festival and I'm not home | Felt as if we, too, are celebrating Halloween with a quarter-billion Indians |

My fellow citizens, the realization of the festival, which in this environment cognition, between the security forces of our country, wake up between the seals, these should be restricted only on certain occasions? I appeal to you that we, as a society, as a nation, to create their very nature, create our nature | If any celebration, festival, the joyous atmosphere, the army troops in our country, we must remember that, in some form somewhere | When the whole nation would stand with the army, the military strength of the 125 million-fold increases |

Some time ago, I, J & K, there's village chief came to meet all | These men were of Jammu-Kashmir Panchayat Conference | Came from different villages of the Valley | Were heads around 40-50 | I had the opportunity to talk to them for a long time | They had come to the village to develop some things, some of the demands were, but when it comes round.

Had to walk, it was so natural, valley conditions, law and order, the future of children, these things get bigger naturally | And so lovingly, so openness, village leaders of these things, everything was touch my heart | Things-things, schools in Kashmir were lit, and it was also noticed that the pain we are countrymen, these princes were equally suffering and that he believed no school, the future of the children burned is | I had asked him to go to you to focus your attention on the future of these children | Today I am pleased that all these leaders from the Valley who had promised me, he played very well; All of the people in the village went awakened | Just a few days ago when the Board of the exam came, nearly 95% of the sons and daughters of Kashmir, Kashmir Pchanbe percent students attended the examination Board | Board examinations to be included in such a large number of students, pointing to the fact that Jammu and Kashmir bright future for our children, through education - are determined to attain new heights of development | His enthusiasm for this, I'll greet the students, but their parents, their families, their teachers and all village heads also congratulate you very much from the heart |

Dear brothers and sisters, this time I 'mind' to suggest the people, so I can say that all the suggestions were unilateral | Everyone used to say that the 500 / - and 1,000 / - to talk in detail on the notes | The November 8 at 8 pm Address to the nation, improving the country to begin a crash program I discussed | I decided it was the time, had presents, even as I said publicly that the decision is not normal, is full of difficulties | But as important as the decision, that decision is intended to apply equally | And I also guess that was our normal life will face a variety of new problems | And then I said that the decision is so big, its effects will only take you 50 days to get out of | And then we move to the normal state will increase | 70 years of the disease we are suffering from the disease of addiction may not be simple operations | I can understand very well your difficulties | But when I see your support, your cooperation will see; Many attempts are being made to confuse you, even afterwards, sometimes even brings to mind the disturbing incidents, you have the truth of this passage is well understood, the point of interest of the country very well you accept |

Five hundred and a thousand notes and such a big country, so full of currencies, billions Noten and the decision - the whole world is watching very critically, everyone economist A. analysis

Is evaluating | The whole world is watching the quarter-billion people of the difficulties that the country will achieve success by facing what? Perhaps the question mark in the mind of the world can be! Twenty-one billion citizens of India to India, only faith is the only faith, faith to believe that the quarter-billion people will remain in full resolution | And our country, like gold in all the tenacity, the will and readiness of the citizen of this country is the reason, why you are the way of this success has been possible because of you |

In the country, the central government, state government, all units of local self entities, one hundred thirty thousand of bank branch, a million bank employees, more than half a million post office, bank, more than a million friends - were engaged in this work day and night If dedication are working | The tension between like-like, very level-headed of all people, the country and the values ​​of service and sacrifice, a great effort to change the values ​​employed by | Begin the morning, when the night is complete, does not even know, but are all | And the same reason that India will succeed, it is clearly visible | And I have seen the difficulties that such a bank, post office are all working | And when humanity comes to the point, he appeared two steps forward | Someone told me that an elderly person's accident was in Khandwa | There was suddenly need money | There came to the attention of the local bank employees and I know that that was a pleasure to go to their own home, to the old man, he will cause money, so treatment may help | Every day you can find countless such stories In the media, in newspapers, in conversation reveals | Mahayagna within the worker, the effort from the heart, I thank all colleagues | Identification of power occurs then, when crossing criterion descending | Remember me equal, when the Prime Minister was going to drive the plan through public funds and the bank's employees with the way he was raised on his shoulder and had not worked in 70 years, he was shown by | His strength was introduced | Today, once again, he took the challenge and I believe that the resolution of a quarter-billion countrymen, all the collective effort, will lead this nation by creating a new vigor |

But the evil is so widespread that some people still have not made a habit of evils | Some people still think it's money corruption, the black money, the unaccounted money, money, anonymous, no-no-no way I shall bring again the system | She is now seeking ways to save money are illegal in Firakh | Sad that it is also to choose the path he has chosen to use the poor | Poor, confused, spoke of greed or temptation,

By putting money in their accounts or by making them work, some people are trying to save money | I want to say that people today - repaired, your own will not be repaired, to comply with the law, not as you wish, they will see what law? But, please, you do not get tempted to play with the lives of the poor | Something that you do not record the name of the poor, come and be checked later, and my lovely poor to get into trouble because of your sin | Anonymous property laws and so hard to make, which it is being implemented, how difficult will | And the government does not want that our people have no difficulty |

Madhya Pradesh No sir blessed through the five hundred and a thousand who fight against corruption and black money has been launched, he made a telephone call to me, it is well received: -

"Hello sir, my name is blessing mercury | I Tirali village, tehsil Tirali, District Harda, Madhya Pradesh'm an ordinary citizen | The currency notes of five hundred thousand by you are closed, it is very commendable | I want that 'mind' many examples tell people they have to bear the inconvenience for them, despite the tough step for national development is welcomed, the people and the nation to be a way Utsahwarddhit cashless system is very important and I am very happy with the whole country and I shut you the thousand-five hundred notes | '

So give me a call came from the Minister of Karnataka Mr. Yelppa Velankr: -

'Modi Hi, I Koppal district in Karnataka Yelppa Velankr'm talking to the village | I want to thank you from the heart, because you said that better days will come, but no one's ever thought that you would take a big step | The notes of five hundred and one thousand, seeing all the black money and corruption taught a lesson | Every citizen of India will never be a better day | I want to thank you for this Mnpuarn |

Some things through the media, through people, get to know through government sources, it also increases the excitement of working | There is so much joy, so much pride in my country, what amazing power of the common man | Akola in Maharashtra in the National Highway NH-6 there is a restaurant | He had a huge board that if you are in the pockets of the old notes and you want to eat, you do not worry about money, do not go hungry here, and then go eat only ever passing this way chance to come to you, then be sure of paying | And people go there, have dinner and 2-4-6 day after

There are again passing, then return the money to pay | The strength of my country, the attitude of service, sacrifice, spirit and authenticity is also |

I had the choice of tea and discuss the matter in the universe had reached | The people of many countries of the world, the buzz word at tea were also learned to speak | But I do know that in the discussion on tea, is married | I found out that on November 17 in Surat, a married, the marriage began with a discussion on tea | Surat in Gujarat in a daughter's wedding, people who came here, they have not only offered tea and no party, no food programs, some not - because there was some difficulty with Notbandi money | Procession also honor all him | Surat Bharat Maru and Daksha Parmar - through his marriage against corruption, money laundering, against which the action has been taken, which have contributed to it, is in itself inspiring | Daksha Nvprinit Bharat and I'll give you so much blessing and wedding also changed by the great sacrifice turned into a new opportunity to congratulate you very much | And when the crisis comes, people manage to find great trails |

I once saw on TV news the night came late, so I was looking | By Dekiajuli is a small village in Assam | Tea-worker to live and get paid weekly on Tea-worker | Now a note of Rs 2000, what did they? Nearness of four women gathered around and go with the purchase of the Notes and payment of Rs 2000, so he was not required to small currency, purchased together and decided that the four will meet next week, and her and accordingly we will sit | People are finding themselves on the way | And changes its look! The government has a message, saying that the people of Assam Tea garden ATM Find us | See how in the life of the village is changing | Some people have found immediate benefits of this campaign | The country will benefit in the coming days, but some people have found immediate benefits | According slightly asked what happened, so I have small town, there was little information | 40-50 cities around the closing note of the information that I received all the rest were old money, people do not give money to the tax - tax no water, no power, no money, and you Bli- like to know - 2 days ago of being penny poor people used to have squared | These are not big people who have access, those that do not ever ask them, they do not give the money | And it is quite outstanding | Comes barely 50% of the tax each municipality | 8 date of this decision, but this time for all men to deposit their old Noten rushed | 47 urban units around this time last year was three-and-half to three thousand crore tax | Will surprise you to know, would enjoy - this in a week, he has accumulated 13 thousand crores rupees |

Where and where 13 thousand to three thousand three hundred! And he came to the front of the | Now those municipality has 4 times the money, that's obvious, poor settlements will provide sewer, water system, will be the law of Anganwadi | There are so many instances in which it is beginning to see direct benefits |

Brothers and sisters, our village, our farmers of our country's economy has a strong axis | One side of the economy because of the new changes, the difficulties, everyone is citizen adjust themselves | But to my country I want a special welcome today's farmers | Right now I was taking statistics of crop sowing | I have loved, whether wheat, pulses, regardless, whether grown oilseeds; November 20, according to me, it was up to date, compared to last year has increased enough, sowing | Among the difficulties, the farmer who discovered the way | The government has taken several important decisions which gave priority to farmers and villages | So even after the difficulties, but I believe that all the difficulties which our farmers, natural difficulties, it remains standing and enduring the usual credit, this time he is standing by Credit |

Our nation's small businesses, they also offer jobs, increase economic activity | In the last budget, we had to make an important decision like that big mall of small shopkeepers in the village can now trade the clock hour, a law will not stop them | Not because I was a big mall for 24 hours to meet, poor village shopkeeper why it should not? Currency-plan the initiative towards giving them the loan | Worth hundreds of millions of currency-plan given to the little ones, because these small businesses, the number of people and billions of dollars worth accelerate business | But the reason for this decision, he was bound to be some difficulty | But now that I have seen in our small trader also through technology, Mobile App, through mobile via bank, credit card, through the way their customers are confident are based on | And my younger brothers and sisters want to say that traders have the chance, let you enter the digital world | App download on your mobile phone you can also turn to banks | You can also take credit card POS machine | Note also how the business can be without you, learn the | You see, malls and the type of technology to enhance their business through a small businessman from the general user friendly technology can improve your business | Deterioration of the question does not arise, is an opportunity to expand | I invite you to make cashless society that you can contribute a lot, you increase your business, mobile phone and the whole banking system can pose many ways today but the notes, we can run the business are |

technological paths, safe's, secure and accelerated | I would like you to just help this campaign successful, so no, you change the leadership and, I believe, can lead you to change | The technology, based on the entire village you can work in the business, I believe, | I want to say I also labor brothers and sisters, you have a lot of exploitation | On paper and when a salary is at hand, then the other is | Never get full salary, then there would stand out, it has to be cut and the exploitation of forced labor makes up part of the life | In this new system, we would like your bank account, the money deposited in your bank if your wages, minimum wages in order to follow | You got the money, a cut forbid | Do not exploit you | And once the money in your bank account, then you also have the small mobile phone - would not have a great smart phone, your mobile phone nowadays serves as an e-purse - the same vicinity of mobile phone -pdos the small shop in which to buy, the purchase can also give him the money | So I plan to participate in the labor brothers and sisters urge special because I had such a big decision after all for the poor, the farmers, the workers, the disadvantaged, the victim took his he should get the benefit |

Today I want to talk to friends, especially the young man | We say to the world fledged Band with India is a country that has a population of 65%, is below 35 years of age | My country's youth and girls and boys, I know, you did like my decision | I also know that you support this decision | I also know that you have contributed positively to pursue | But friends, you're my true soldier, you are my true boyfriend | A wonderful opportunity to serve mother Bharati came before us, the country has the opportunity to carry on economic heights | My youth, what can you help me? Will support me, so it is not going to be talking | The more you experience the world of today, the older generation is not | Could be your big brother in the family and parents also will not know, uncle, aunt, aunt and uncle also probably will not seem | App what you are, they know, online banking is what happens, you know, online ticket booking, how do you know | You do things you used to be very common and | But today the country is the great task to do, is our dream cashless society | It is precisely that cent percent cashless society is not possible | But why not to start if less-cash society in India | If less-cash society once we leave early, then the floor will be cashless society | And I should help you with this physical, want time to themselves, must resolve to himself | And you will never let me down, I believe, because we all change the lives of India's poor

There are people who wish | As you know, cashless society, for, digital banking or mobile banking for so many opportunities today to | Each bank allows online | Each bank has its own mobile app in India | Each bank has its own wallet | direct means of e- wallet wallet | There are many card | India's hundreds of millions of public funds under poor families Rupay Card and 8 after the date of the Rupay Card use was very low, the poor began to use the Rupay Card and about the almost 300% increase | Such as mobile phone comes in a prepaid card, prepaid card, so banks get the money to spend | Is a great platform, to trade UPI, which you can purchase, send money, money can also | And this work is so simple as you send WhatsApp | Educated person would not do anything, it is how to send WhatsApp today, he comes, forward, how to do is | Moreover, technology is becoming so simple that this work does not require a large smart phone | The feature phone is simple, even cash transfer may be | Dhobi, the vegetable seller, the milk seller, the newspaper seller, the tea seller, the seller went on, everyone can use it comfortably | And I also make the system more straightforward and would insist | Banks are involved at all, have been | And now we did it online surcharge of expenses, he would cancel |

My young friends, in spite of all this is that a whole generation that is unfamiliar to it | And all of you, I know very well, are active in this great task | WhatsApp on the way you give the creative message - slogan, poems, stories, cartoon, newly conceived, humor - everything I see and the challenges that our young generation is the power of creation, so looks like India is the land that was once characterized by Gita was born on the battlefield, so today we are going through such a period of major changes, then reveal your creativity is fundamental in | But my dear young friends, I'll say it again, I need your help in this job | GG-G, I'll say again, I need your help and you, I believe you would do this for my country, millions of young people | You do one thing, today's resolution Let's say you own a cashless society itself will be a part | The technology of online spending on your mobile phone is all that will be present | Not only that, every day, half-hour, hour, two hours and fired at least 10 families you what the technology is, technology, how to use, how the App download your bank? Money lying in your account, how the money is being spent

Can? How can the shopper? Teach shopper also how business can be done? You voluntarily cashless society, crash program to get out of the cycle of these notes, the campaign to free the country from corruption, black-money redeeming campaign, a campaign to rid the difficulties people-problems - you take the lead | Once people get to use Rupay Card, they will teach you, then you will bless the poor | These arrangements will teach ordinary citizen, then he probably will get rid of all the worries and all the youth of India feel if these things go, I do not agree, it will take more time | Within a month, we in the world can stand as a new modern India and they can work through your mobile phone, you can go to the homes rose 10, rose 10 homes add to it can by | I'll invite you - come, not only the support, we will continue with this change and transformation become fighter | revolution is that it is young | Kenya, he pioneered, M-PESA, a mobile system such standing, technology used, M-PESA name and today more than a hundred in the region of Africa in Kenya is set to shift the whole business has come | This country has a big revolution |

My youth, I once again urge you once say that the big boost this campaign forward | Every school, college, university, NCC, NSS, collectively, individually doing this, I'll give you an invitation | We Proceed | We have the opportunity to serve the country's best, do not squander the opportunity |

Dear brothers and sisters, a great poet of our country - Mr. Harivanshrai Bachchan's birth anniversary today is the day-in-law's birthday, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan today Harivanshrai the "sanitation" is a slogan for | You must have seen this century's most popular star Amitabh ji sanitation campaign has been pushing very cheerfully | That looks like a matter of hygiene and only if they have spread into the pulse of his father on the birth anniversary of sanitation work they remembered I | He wrote a poem that Harivanshrai live and he has written her a line - "" "" "" of soil tan, fun mood, a moment of life, introduce me '| Harivanshrai G were introduced himself through it I 'soil tan, fun mood, a moment of life, my introduction', Mr. Bachchan, his son-in-law, whose mission is running in the veins of hygiene, he wrote to me Harivanshrai sent using G's poem - "clean body, clean mind, clean India, my introduction" '| I respect the law forced Harivanshrai salute | Even Mr. Bachchan ji 'mind' in

To connect to and thus also for furthering the work of sanitation thank |

My fellow citizens, now the 'mind' through your thoughts, your feelings through your letters, MyGov on, NarendraModiApp add you to constantly keep me | Now, at 11 the 'mind', but regional languages ​​are supposed to start immediately after completion | I am grateful to AIR, the new Initiative, which he took on the Hindi language which is not prevalent, there's also the opportunity to connect it to my countrymen would surely | Thank you very much |

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