Friday, November 25, 2016

Enable LED Notification in #Nokia #Microsoft #Lumia #Windows10Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile Tips : The well know developers portal XDA has done a first time ever job to enable the LED notification on certain Nokia/Microsoft Lumia phones running Windows 10 Mobile latest version.

As you can see on the above image, which ios taken from the video, which shows a Lumia 730 running with a glowing LED Notification.

Supported Phones 

Lumia 730,735,830,930,950/950XL

Windows Version

14393.448 (public build)


Here is the XDA forum link that you can check and see. Also there is YouTube channel "Nahid Hasan Riyad", which has posted a video showing demo on Lumia 730. You can watch the video below.



Make sure to take a proper backup of both the internal and External storage as this might cause data to loose.

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