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SOLVED service installation section in this inf is invalid in WIndows 7/8/8.1/10

Starting from Windows XP and up to current Windows 10 you may be in a situation where you tried to connect your USB device like Mobile/Smartphones whethere is Android, iOS or Windows. There is a very common error as shown below,

Why This ERROR is Coming ?

Generally this error is comign when you do install any software which tries to change/install the driver on your PC. It may eventually damage the other driver files. Also as a personal experience I have found this error when I did upgraded my Windows 10 PC running insiders fast ring to new build released. There could be many reasons though.

How to FIX Now !

Since this is the problem with the driver so we need to install the driver again (Manually). I am stressign here manually coz I never seen in my life that automatic driver installations works when yoi need it.

All set lets get started.

Step 1 : Connect you Phone via USB Cable

First step is connect your any smartphone via supported usb cable. Make sure cable is working :) and supported. 

After conncting cable you might hear a sound in both the PC and the phone. Now if you are running Android then turn on the USB storage mode as by default it will go to Charging mode as shown below. 

Slide down the quick settings and click on  "USB for charging", then select "File transfers". You may see different names here, but all you need to di is to connect your phone in USB mode that you used to.

Now, if you have the subjected error then aftyer doing all the above you might not be able to see any drive icon of your phone under My Compter, as shown below.  

Step 2 : Go to Device Manager

Next step is to go device manager, You can go it via,
  • If you are running windows 7/8/8.1/10 then hit windows button and type "Device Manager". You will see the first match.
  • You can also go via "Control Panael > Device Manager"
One you are in device manager, try to locate the "Portable Devices" section. There are many possible error you can see, It caqn either show,
  • Exact device name
  • Unknown Device
  • MTP
In any condition there will be a exclamanion mark under yellow board. See a couple of example below,

Error #1

Error #2

If you do a right click on the device you can see exact error behind that. I am showin here a couple of them, but steps will be same.

# A service installation section in this inf is invalid

# windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration

Above are few error as shown. You can check exactly in the same way the exact error code.

Step 3 : Update the Driver Software

As shown earlier just right click again on the "Unknow Devices" (I am taking this case here) and select "Update Driver Software"

On the next page where you need to browse for the driver software, select "Browse my computer for driver softtware"

On the next page select the option "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

Under this setting page, you need to brwse and look for "Mobile Devices", and click Next

Now in this screen you need to select MTP USB Devices, and then click Next button. 

You will see Driver installation window as below,

If everything goes correctly then you will see a final windows that driver installation window done. Also notice on the below image you will see a windows notification (If running windows 10) of the device you are connected. 

Video Demo

Watch the complete video demo for easy understanding and demo

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