Friday, September 9, 2016

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Paid #apps that are Free for 24 hours.



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App Name : Cubiousa

App Description : How smart are you? How high is your IQube? Solve the impossible puzzles to find out, and help a lost little cube find home. Cubious is a highly original game concept, the journey of a lost cube over 100 levels of mind boggling 3D warping puzzles. Roll, match, destroy, explode, paint and slide your way through 5 beautiful 3D worlds, construct amazing cubic creatures to help you through over 100 levels of highly original gameplay

Regular Price : USD 0.99$

Deals Price : Free

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Windows Phone & Windows 10 Mobile

Tomato Productivity Timer

App Name : Tomato Productivity Timer

App Description : Do you like to keep track of how much time you are actually working each day? Well, this application is perfect for you!

Regular Price : USD 0.99$

Deals Price : Free

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