Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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App Name : NoRoot Batch Uninstaller

App Description : Too many apps? Uninstall some of them them in just 1 click! You love installing and trying new apps, don’t you? But sometimes they can take too much storage on your smartphone and uninstalling some of them quickly is not so easy. NoRoot Batch Uninstaller is a new kind of app that allows you to select multiple apps to uninstall them in just one click. The best part? No root permissions required! What are you waiting for? Today, you can get if for FREE without ads!

Regular Price : USD 1.99$

Deals Price : Free

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Windows Phone & Windows 10 Mobile

Crazy Aliens

App Name : Crazy Aliens

App Description : Looking for the perfect alien arcade that will take your gaming experience to the next level? Crazy Aliens will get your adrenaline rushing as you take down the aliens that threaten Earth’s freedom.  Protect the Earth from a mean and crazy race of aliens. The based station “Skywalk I” that is situated at the atmosphere’s higher levels has been invaded by aliens all of a sudden. Fear not! Stop the aliens from invading our planet using your laser gun and get the Skywalk station back. Do your best! Blast your way through the station areas to stop the invasion!

Regular Price : USD 1.49$

Deals Price : Free

News Source : myAppFree

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