Saturday, September 10, 2016

End of lumia windows phones on December 2016 (Possible)

There is been lot of talk going on regarding possible end of Nokia Lumia now the Microsoft Lumia. The windows phone lineup the Nokia once launched with beautiful and colorful design packing great displays and great camera. 

What so ever may be th ereasons finally we all know the Windows Phone is not making enough bells in the smartphone market. That looks very obvious too and it was thinking the same when after purchasing the Nokia Phone business division.

 When the company like Nokia was not able to meet the users expectations how come the Microsoft meets which is new to smartphones ?

The line above is self explanatory. If you check the various popular Microsoft News covering websites like , Windows Central, MS Power User, WinBeta. Most of the editors do now believe the same.

Also according to WinBeta,

According to an employee at the company, who wishes to remain anonymous, the company is preparing to “end sales” of the range this year, December 2016

Since there is no new Lumia device launched after Lumia 650 we can assume that too., We are hoping that Microsoft may bring Surface Phone (Rumors, yet not confirmed too).

Also looking on the Windows 10 Mobile Insiders build frequency which too is reduced a lot. Earlier we saw a frequency of atleast one or sometimes 2 in a week. But its been more than 2 weeks now no news of new builds.

I will cover on this very soon once I will get any official leaks. Till then enjoy your windows hone.

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