Monday, August 15, 2016

[Updated]Pokemon GO Windows HACK! Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile Download,Installation(PoGo1.0.25)

Update : PoGo version 1.0.29 has already been rolled out with many number of bug fixes and performance improvement. Watch the video below for additional information,

PoGO client for Pokemon GO has been updated on Windows 10 Mobile with many new features, According to the community development behind this, the current version 1.0.25 has many new features, bug fixes and improvements.

Change Log

  • Changed capture page: you can now flick to throw the ball (experimental)
  • Added new map styles to mimic the original app (you can enable them in settings)
  • Added profile page with achievements
  • Added Pokemon detail page where you can evolve, power up and transfer your Pokemon
  • Added Pokemon and Eggs inventory, you can now Incubate your eggs
  • Added Google Login (not supporting 2FA for now)
  • Added translations
  • Added device spoofing, you device will now act as an iPhone to try preventing bugs (we can't guarantee that you're safe from bans, but this may help)
  • Fixed countless bugs
  • Revamped UI

Video Demo

click here to watch the video.

Basic Requirement

To play this game on windows phone you need below mandatory set of apps and hardware,

  • A windows 10 Mobile handset
  • An Android and iOS phone connectivity (for first time user)
  • Working internet connection


Follow these steps to install,

  • Create the Pokemon GO Trainer account using this link

  • Activate your account using any Android or iOS phone by launching the application and entering the username and password when launching the app.

  • Under the phone, go to settings and enable developer option and enable developer mode, device discovery, and device portal

  • Download the files as mentioned in this link and make sure to download ARM ( if you are using Windows Phone,
  • Extract the files.
  • Now open your PC or any other phone browser and the type the http web address that you have seen on device portal. In our case it is "" as shown below,

  • One the page opens, Go to the "Apps" section and under 'Install App', select the files to install, Once you extract the files you will get following files below, After browsing the files click on Go button.
    • PokemonGo-UWP_1.0.25.0_ARM_Debug.appx (App package)
    • Microsoft.NET.CoreRuntime.1.0.appx (First Dependency)
    • Microsoft.VCLibs.ARM.Debug.14.00.appx (Second Dependency)

  • One the installation is done, you will see the app installed on your phone as shown below,

If all steps done properly you will be able to play it nicely with few major issues still there. The seems to launch fast, if we compare it to official Android version. 

Found Issues

  • GPS signal keeps on going and coming.
  • Pokemon trainer also get disappeared sometimes.
  • Pokemons on Near By also disappeared suddenly. 

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